Film: 7941

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Aspects of the Cold War.
7.8.61 - Sound - U.S.A.. Titov flight comment. Russian spokesman speaks of Major Titov's flight (in medium close up). States that this achievement was possible only because of the collective nature of Communism and must be considered a victory of the entire nation and not an individual. Old U.S. Congressman interviewed outside building about the Titov flight. Asked if he is frustrated by the Soviet's accomplishments. Responds by stating that he does not feel frustrated but that U.S. must redouble its efforts.
11.8.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Dean Rusk, after conference with President John F. Kennedy states that timing of negotiations with Soviets about Berlin is still to be confirmed. Rusk walks out of building and into crowd of journalists. Rusk makes statement along the lines that the contents of the negotiations are very important.
16.8.61 - Sound - Washington DC, U.S.A.. Allied diplomats map Berlin Strategy Plans. Officials entering room, pan, they sit in arm chairs. Four diplomats sitting and talking below the American eagle (includes U.S. Secretary of State Kohler, French Embassy Minister and Ambassadors of Britain and West Germany). Front view of cameraman. Diplomats standing.
6.9.61 - Sound - U.S.A.. McKinnon, father of U.S. spy (Marvin McKinnon) interviewed. White bald man with spectacles standing with interviewer in garden. He stands behind microphones in gardens. States that son went to University of Pennsylvania and in his fourth year went to West Berlin to complete studies. Photographer and cameraman. McKinnon asked if son had ever referred to trips to Soviet Union in his letters. McKinnon states that college trips to East European countries had been mentioned but that was all. Speaks of his son's eight years in a Soviet prison. Talks of son's medical studies and his letter stating that he had received scholarship for a further years study in West Berlin.
27.11.61 - Sound - Washington DC (?), U.S.A.. John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Russian editor. Group of officials sit in chairs in comfortable room (JFK has his back to the camera). Soviet who spoke to President speaks, in Russian. Translator translates, there are many problems in the world.
1.7.68 - Sound - U.S.A.. Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. President Johnson (LBJ) and Dobrynin make statements. Dobrynin: Conclusion of talks positive in delivering humankind from threat of nuclear war. Fact that Treaty has been accepted by majority of United Nations is a positive step. It has been reached on a durable and reliable basis. LBJ: Agreement has been reached between U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. to enter discussions on limitations of nuclear weapon delivery systems and systems of defence against weapons. No illusions that this will be easy. Same persistence involved in present treaty can bring about result in this one.

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