Film: 7944

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | n/a


Press Room of the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, U.S.A.. Robert Kennedy assassination.
Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) gets shot. The events are described by a reporter who was covering the Senator's campaign speech in Los Angeles for CBS. The footage is interesting because the reporter appears to take control of events after the shooting.
RFK is heard saying 'My thanks to all of you and now on to Chicago.' Cheers. Cries of 'We want Bobby'. A questioner asks how he will counter Hubert Humphrey's attacks? The response is not clear. Reporter Andrew West states, 'Senator Kennedy has been shot; is that possible?' People shouting. He goes on to say that one of RFK's aides has also been shot. The assassin is held but he still holds the gun. Reporter calls for those holding the assassin to, 'Get the gun.' and then to, 'Get ahold of his thumb, break it if you have to.' They get the gun off the man. Reporter states that RFK is on the ground, shot. He indirectly calls for calm as he states, 'We don't want another Oswald' (Lee Harvey Oswald, John F. Kennedy's supposed assassin, was murdered before he could be tried). Reporter states that RFK is bleeding profusely, he tries to make space and says that and ambulance has been called. Speaks of the event being reminiscent of the time that RFK was hit on the head with a rock. Talks of his wife, Ethel, being calm. Cannot see if RFK is conscious or not, asks a woman if she can see. Talks of the shock being so great. Recaps on the events. 'I don't know if Robert F. Kennedy is alive of dead.'

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