Film: 7946

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


12.8.61 - Silent - New York, U.S.A.. Supporters of the Freedom Riders fast. Freedom Riders are those who were charged with breach of the peace in Jackson, Mississippi and are now travelling to Jackson to appeal against the charge. The supporters in this footage are members of the Congress of Racial Equality who fast for twenty-four hours. Close up of badges with 'Freedom Ride' written on them in box. A black hand picks one of them up, tilt up to black woman pinning the badge on to her shirt. Slips that state 'Fast for Freedom'. Men having the slips fixed around their upper arms. Queue to board the Statue of Liberty Ferry on which the fast begins. Sign giving the details of the times at which the ferry sails. Shot from the ferry of people boarding. People sitting on ferry with 'Fast For Freedom' arm bands. Statue of Liberty from ferry. Long shot of the same. High angle shot of people disembarking. The statue, tilt down to demonstrators looking up. The demonstrators sitting at the foot of the statue, Manhattan in the background. The demonstrators stayed on the island until it was closed and then gathered in a park.
14.8.61 - Silent - Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.. Nearly 200 'Freedom Riders' return to Jackson to appeal against conviction for breach of the peace. Bus arrives in Jackson with black people on board waving from windows. Black woman getting off stationary bus followed by white woman and man. Pan to people walking up steps to courthouse. Individual policemen. Queues to get into the courthouse.
1.9.66 - Silent - Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.. National Guardsmen aid police in quelling racial riot in which one died. Night: Soldiers receiving orders. Subtitle: 'Dayton Ohio'. Soldiers fixing bayonets. Enormous machine gun. Black man on ground, two others over him. Police. Black man in handcuffs on ground, he is dragged away by his feet. Black men with hands on bonnet of car being frisked. Black man being guided out of window (looter). Black man held by police, his hands are handcuffed together. Policeman holding the cigarettes that the black man had stolen, a white man lights cigarette for the looter. Soldiers around a black man on ground. Close up of his face. Soldiers in jeep. Black man behind wire in van, camera pulls back to reveal 'Dayton Police' on van.
1.10.66 - Sound - San Francisco, California, U.S.A.. Mayor John Shelly and City Supervisor Terry Francois on the race riots that recently occurred in San Francisco. Shelley, in office, justifies sending a strongly worded telegram because pleas for non-violence had been sent before. Subtitle: Terry Francois. A black man interviewed n street. States that rioters were mainly unemployed young people. Adds that poor relationship with police was a contributing factor.
20.5.68 - Sound - Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.. Trial of Dr. Benjamin Spock who is charged with aiding young men to avoid the draft (for the Vietnam War) began. Circling demonstration outside courthouse. Banner, 'Save Spock'. Spock arrives, an old man in spectacles. Crowd around him, many have arms raised and make 'V' sign with fingers, Spock smiles and shakes hands. Police restrain demonstrator who shouts. Long shot of road, demonstration moves towards camera. Medium long shot of Spock walking along pavement. Spock speaks at news conference. States that law must be obeyed but does not see that he has broken law or that he was involved in conspiracy. States that millions of Americans believe that there is no morality or legality in Vietnam War.
1.8.68 - Sound - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.. Veterans plan slum school. Black Vietnam veteran speaks of an intelligent way of stamping prejudices out. Says that black people should not follow leaders who make black people suffer.

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