Film: 7949

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


7.11.1961: New York, U.S.A. U.S.S. Constellation returns to New York after first sea-trials and her second fire on board in less than a year. Long shot of U.S.S. Constellation, a super aircraft-carrier. Port of New York from bridge of Constellation, pan to Manhattan. Medium close-up of Captain Thomas Walker who is asked if crew are talking of a jinx on the ship. Captain states no jinx, still on schedule to make ship operational on time; states that ship could be on an operational mission at this very time. Four men killed and nine injured when fire broke out; the injured being taken off ship on stretchers. Cameramen being pushed back by naval sergeant. Casualty in back of ambulance; more stretchers. Close-up of ambulance's revolving light. Another stretcher into ambulance; shot of casualty through window of ambulance.

26.2.1968: Aerial view of Panama Canal; zoom in on Japanese ship, 'Shozan Maru'. Panning, shot of bridge of ferry. Shozan Maru being repaired in the canal (aerial pan); the ship is an oil tanker. Close-up of the ship's name on its bow. Ship in canal (aerial shot).

17.4.1968: Washington D.C., U.S.A.. British ships, H.M.S. Fife and H.M.S. Glamorgan docking at Washington harbour. Ship passing through gap created by swing bridge. Long shot of one of the ships. Extreme long shot of ship. People and U.S. sailors on quayside. Bow of one of the ships being manipulated by a tug. The other ship having just passed through gap created by swing bridge; in foreground, U.S. sailors take pictures. Union Jack flying. Sailors on board pulling rope. U.S. military band, drum with 'The United States Navy Band Washington D.C.' written on it. The two ships together in the port. Close-up of sailor with a rifle beneath bell with 'H.M.S. Fife' on it. Rope between ship and shore being tied up. Bow of H.M.S. Fife with name of ship in view. The two moored ships. British naval officers. British sailors on board H.M.S. Fife. Officers on deck. Pipes blown. Pan to naval officers saluting. American naval officer climbing gang-plank; he salutes; shakes hands with the captain; they chat. Other officers and sailors still at attention. Rear of the two ships.

Date unknown: Seal slaughter story:
Baby seal looking pathetic on stony beach; some also on grass. Long shot of baby seal; man walks up to it and shoots it in the head with a revolver; the seal drops. Two men picking up a dead seal with shovels, placing it on a pallet and then prodding it with spades. The same men shovelling dead seals into a grave. Extreme long shot of coastline. Seals, men stroking seal. Seal killers in large boat. More seals. Dead seals on stretcher, dumped onto pile of dead seals.

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