Film: 7950

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


24.7.1961: Bizerta, Tunisia. Troops in line, marching beneath palm trees. Shovels and pick-axes abandoned on pavement. Rock barricade with tank in background. Corpses in ditch. More shots of dead bodies in soldier's uniform. Man and donkey cross deserted road (long shot); in foreground is sign 'La Pecherie 1'. Soldiers taking cover on balcony. Bullet holes in the wall. Extreme aerial long shot of Bizerta. Soldiers with guns. Soldier arrives on a scooter. Tank on street. Ambulance. Soldiers firing from balcony.
28.8.1961: New York, U.S.A.. Guinea diplomat involved in fracas with New York taxi driver. Taxi driver claims diplomat struck first blow. An accident between the taxi driver's (Kenneth Morris) vehicle and that of the diplomat (Michael Collett) led to this incident which threatened to become an international affair. Rear view of the diplomat's shiny black car. Close-up of plaque, 'Permanent Mission of Guinea to the United Nations'.
Silent - Guinean diplomat in news conference explains what happened. The gathered Press. Morris explaining to an interviewer by wall; states that car hit him from behind, he stopped, got out of his car and began writing an accident report; claims that diplomat got out of his car and yelled at him. Morris asked for Collett's licence, but the latter continued shouting in his own language. Morris claims that Collett then punched him, so he punched him back. He then went to get policeman who asked Collett for his licence. Collett pushed the policeman twice.
28.8.1961: New York, U.S.A.. Guinea Ambassador claims that aide, Michael Collett, was a victim of police brutality. Diallo Telli (ambassador), wearing spectacles, stands next to a white translator while being interviewed by the Press. Translator states that Collett was hit while he sat in the police car and also outside police station; says that this is not the first incident of this sort.
5.11.1966: New York, U.S.A.. F.B.I. arrest two men, charging them with plotting to blow up a bridge in Zambia. Man in overcoat holding head down escorted out of building into waiting car. The car being driven away. Long shot of Hotel Beverley (?). Another man comes out of the hotel escorted by F.B.I. agents and into waiting car. The two men are Rolf Duenbier and Jay Elliott.
15.3.1961: Seoul, Korea. Korean memorial parade. Anniversary of South Korean riots. Girls in uniforms marching, front shot and rear, high angle shot. Koreans at altar placing pictures on it. Buddhist monks at altar; one reads from sheet. Crowd, medium close-up of woman crying. Another woman crying; men try to remove her. People with banners being moved on by police. One of the women carrying banner shouting. These are the mothers of students who died in last year's rioting.
11.8.1961: Niigata, Japan. Korean refugees leave Japan for North Korea. Bus passes with Koreans waving flags from window. As bus passes, camera follows; it is on a dockside with moored ship. Funnel, 'Hammer and Sickle. Koreans getting off the bus. Boarding ship. The ship leaving with enormous quantities of ticker tape between boat and shore. People aboard laughing.
2.5.1968: Cambodia. Haile Selassie (from Ethiopia) descending steps from jet passenger aircraft. Soldiers cheering. Selassie, in dress uniform, has flower necklace placed over his head. Woman scattering petals on carpet on runway tarmac. Selassie walking along this carpet with enormous umbrella over his head. Flags on airport terminal exterior. Selassie sitting with Cambodian leader, who is talking. Men in traditional Cambodian costume. Selassie stands and then speaks.

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