Film: 7951

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Silent | B/W


30.5.1961: Berlin, West Germany - U.S. troops in riot control exercise. Rear view of group of men holding banners aloft; they punch the air with batons. Tanks speeding down wide roads; armoured troop-carriers do the same. The stationary troop-carriers empty of troops, who line up alongside the vehicles. The demonstration on the move. Closer view reveals that they are moving backwards with U.S. troops at their head, who are moving forwards. A small contingent of the demonstration being controlled by small group of troops.
Back to larger demonstration where they are still reversing. Medium group of soldiers pushing the rioters backwards. Troops holding rioters at bay. Soldiers putting on gas masks. Soldiers with gas masks on tanks. Tanks entering smoke. Close-up of soldier in gas mask. Troops removing gas masks. Two soldiers walking past camera, one carries a sniper's rifle, the other wears a flame-thrower. High-ranking officers sitting looking at pamphlets. A sergeant shows them in a model town what will occur next. Smoke rising from training-ground. Soldier runs around mound. Soldiers move forward to buildings. Tanks. Helicopter lands on roof of building. The officers leaving by car.

17.11.1966: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) begins its move to Belgium. We see scale models of barracks. Cranes dismantling military equipment and barracks in Chinon, France. Troops on parade (long shot). General Lyman Lemnitzer inspecting troops in Casteau, Belgium. Military band. Lemnitzer salutes as he uncovers plaque. Plaque itself.

May 1968: The student demonstration of 1968, Paris, France. Enormous demonstration in Parisian street, flags waved; miners(?) walk towards camera (helmets/goggles) with arms linked. People at the window holding fists up with a sing reading "Solidarity avec es…." (solidarity with…). The demonstration passing (people holding hands) with Moulin Rouge in the background. A woman holding a cigarette sitting on the bonnet of a Citroen 2CV. People with flags in demonstration. Wall of French riot police. Leader of demonstration talking to an official. Barricade being constructed. Flag being positioned on top of rock barricade. Demonstrators throwing rocks, using dustbin lids to protect themselves. Felled tree in road (very dark). Night - cars burning in road, fire-engine firing water-cannons at burning cars. More fires in road. People throwing stones. Flashing light of fire-engine with fireman. Ambulance passes. Fires. Tree being removed by bulldozer.

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