Film: 7953

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


13.6.61: Salt Lake City, U.S.A.. Male murderers interviewed. Two young men sitting, two older men standing behind them, one wears a stetson. Microphones near sitting men, the killers. Although cannot grasp the whole story, appears that the young men killed some people on a train; the spokesman (one stays completely quiet) says that they can now avoid the lousy world where nasty people exist. Question: "Are you glad you did what you did?" Answer: "I don't regret it." Says only two people they killed had a reason to live, the railway men; admits to killing on camera. Question: "Did you experience excitement?" Answer: "Not particularly." (poor quality sound).

29.4.68: Detroit, U.S.A.. Long shot of 'Sports' shop. Close-up of revolvers on sale in glass case in shop. Rifle rack in shop; close-up of price tags on them, tilt up to barrel. Sign 'All gun sales final'. Sign in shop window 'We have hand guns in stock'. Pan to man walking along pavement holding a rifle in a case. Woman with poster walks towards man sitting at desk in office; he looks at poster and nods (long shot). Medium shot of same. View over man's shoulder; he has many posters on his desk. Close-up of one 'Anyone looking forward to celebrating the 2nd annual Detroit Riot this too sick to go'. He draws on cigarette. Another poster showing a family, each member holds a gun.

5.6.68: New York. Warhol shooting suspect. Solanas escorted out of building by police. Shot of her face as she walks down the street. Medium long shot of same. She gets into car.

7.6.68: U.S.A.. Interviews on U.S. gun law. Interviewer asks if stronger gun laws would have prevented the death of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. Interviewee states that no law could stop these acts occurring; refers to man who had broken many laws (perhaps Bobby Kennedy's killer?).

20.6.68: New York, U.S.A.. Gun surrender under amnesty. Plain clothes policeman behind desk playing with hand gun. Close-up of revolver in man's hand. It is turned to face into camera, hammer is pulled back and trigger pulled. Hand gun with label on desk top. Revolvers and rifles on desk top; these are weapons that were accumulated during the gun amnesty. Man pulls back bolt on rifle and pulls trigger.

12.7.68: New York, U.S.A.. Berserk gunman. Rear view of two uniformed policemen (one with rifle) looking up at tenement building where gunman is. Plain clothes policemen looking under a car and under its bonnet. Focus on some wires. Photographer with bulletproof vest on. Member of public being interviewed. Policemen leaning on car bonnet, one holds rifle, the other looks up using binoculars. Exterior of door with house number '678'. Pan to man sitting in window. Extreme long shot of policeman on flat roof of building. Policemen in distance leaning on car, another passes in front of camera. Plain clothes policeman with rifle and bulletproof jacket crosses road to house where police have congregated. Policeman on roof building. Police car with flashing light, pan to traffic jam and crowd. Crowd on flat roof watching police activity. Policeman with rifle in bulletproof vest, pan to more police with guns. Police outside building. Bullet hole in bonnet of car. Bullet mark in grate in pavement, feet of policemen stand on grate, tilt up to police. Grate is lifted; a ladder is lowered into it and a man descends. Ladder leading up to ground floor window. Police with guns enter building. Man on ladder leading to ground floor window ducks as if to avoid being shot. Police in short-sleeved shirts pointing. Police with rifles talking. Police at third floor window. Police with guns enter. Crowds looking out of windows. Crowds on steps. Policeman using car-radio. People on fire escape. Crowds sitting. Police outside entrance.

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