Film: 7955

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Silent | B/W


10.4.61: Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A.. Gary Player wins Masters Golf Tournament. Arnold Palmer at sixteenth hole, pull back to aerial view of the fairway. Spectators. Palmer walking with caddy. Spectators running to new position (long shot). Player at fifteenth hole (long shot); hits ball, which lands on the green. Crowd. Palmer chipping past hole. Player putting and missing. Crowd running. Long shot of eighteenth hole with bunker. Palmer hitting ball, crowd applaud. Ball in sand, Palmer blasts it out. View of enormous crowd from rear. Palmer putts. Gary Player putting on green blazer of Masters Champion. Bobby Jones with him.
2.8.61: New York, U.S.A.. American Challenge Cup. Soccer match between Czechoslovakian team, Dukla, and England's Everton. Final score is 7-2 to Dukla. The event is the opening match of America's International Soccer League. Good shots of very calm, almost uninterested crowds, majority wearing suits and ties.

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