Film: 7956

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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France. Horse and cart going along road. Man pulling a donkey along road. Overview of Horse Sale. Closer view with men in caps trading. Money being handed over in notes in return for horse. Man riding donkey home.
A small Church. Close up of Church bell ringing. A ceremony or Memorial Service with procession and banners. Model Ship. Women wearing white lace head-dresses attend. Two men in shorts greet one another before having wrestling competition in front of crowds.
A woman and her children make their way through village. More children gather and make their way to a School. Children entering classroom and taking their places at their desks. Children lined up receiving text books from the teacher.
A Man on bicycle goes to house and is met by a woman. Another man comes over and shakes hands holding a rather used looking bicycle tyre.
Man with basket and in a field picking hops?
View through a window of two men signing documents.
Planes over area of forestry. A crashed plane 'Sabena'. Gander Lake, Newfoundland. A helicopter lands on a marker. A man walking through to guide another helicopter to land. Men carry an injured man on a stretcher putting the casualty in the helicopter which then takes off.
Overhead view of city (Paris), bridges and boats on river. Ashore men with yolks carrying bales of ? Showing 'made in India'.
Vietnam? Street traffic with lots of bicycles and rickshaws. Large missile/bomb being pulled along road by men on ropes. People sleeping on street. Bank with cashier handing large bundles of notes through grid screen. Street trading (black market), watches and cans of ?. Overhead of busy marketplace. Guns and ammunition being taken from a hold. A Coffin being carried by women, one in uniform. An older woman weeping holding her head. A younger woman crying. A woman lay out being given smelling salts and another medication by mouth. A woman with handkerchief being consoled by another. Crowd, including Nurses throwing flowers onto a funeral pile.
De Gaulle on foot with other dignitaries shaking hands with people in the street. A huge following and crowds greet him. People in second floor windows and balconies clap. Woman in paper hat '… de Constitution'. De Gaulle prepares for Speech with French Flag in background.

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