Film: 7957

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


5.4.61: [Sound] Finch and Tregoff sentenced (No further details on this story). Interior of courtroom. Men sitting at large table, policeman in background. Medium shot of the men talking. Woman (Finch or Tregoff?) being escorted out of the courtroom by policewoman, camera flashes, man pats her on the back as she leaves. Two men talking, they part, one grabs another man around the shoulders in congratulation. The gathered Press with the two men standing before them, making a statement (lawyer?). Stated that 'client' is happy, that he cried, didn't say anything and went back to lock up; that he is personally very happy that justice has been done. Long shot of courtroom officials. Man in spectacles (prosecuting attorney?) says he never agrees with the Court's decisions. Another man interviewed, says that 'they' were conscientious and devoted. Long shots of emptying courtroom, the empty jurors' seats. The courtroom viewed from the judge's chair. The empty chairs where the defendant sat, his tears on the table.
5.6.61: [Silent] Hawaii, U.S.A.. First international college on U.S. soil. Building for the new East-West centre that will house the college still in blueprint form. Two men and a woman looking through drawings of the centre. Close-up of drawings, detailing design. Long shot of bulldozers, medium close-up of them, close-up of earth-moving, bulldozer in long shot, tilt to mountains. The existing campus building, a colonial-style mansion house. Asian students mixing with American students, walking and talking; two female students standing and talking, one holds a folder with 'University of Hawaii' on it, zoom in. Library shelf with books with Asian writing on spines. Asian man sitting in front of shelves reading; he shuts book, places it on the table - it is 'A Diplomatic History of the United States'. Exterior of modern college building, an Indian student with turban walks past.
21.7.66: [Silent] Cleveland, U.S.A.. Troops on guard (no other details known). Soldiers sitting in stationary jeep in street. Jeeps on the move. Rear view of soldier with rifle directing traffic. Soldiers with rifles standing at street corner.
26.7.66: [Sound] Death Valley, California, U.S.A.. Frenchman continues 100 mile walk through Death Valley. Shadow on rocks, man's legs appear, he walks away from the camera. Man in T-shirt, tight shorts, carrying rucksack; he takes rucksack off, takes out an umbrella and opens it, drinks from bottle, walks off into the desert. He is Jean Pierre Marquant, explorer, adventurer and scientist. Why did he undertake the ordeal? Not been done before, wanted to prove it could be done. What physical problems has he experienced? Says feet cannot cope with the heat of the ground. Intercut with shots of Pierre's feet walking across rocks.
21.8.61: [Silent] Virginia State prison, U.S.A.. Device that fries 384 eggs. Man breaking eggs into stainless steel containers which are placed in trays, lifted onto hot-plates, a lever is pulled and the containers spill their contents onto these hot-plates. The trays are removed and there are perfect circular eggs with two yolks; these are then removed and placed on another tray.
29.9.61: [Silent] Washington D.C., U.S.A.. Visiting German band plays hunting song on Capitol steps. U.S. information chief, Murrow, hands bandleader gift. Crowd shot. Band playing, pan to Capitol building. Band playing - drums, trumpets. Whole band wear traditional costumes (music only at end). Applause.

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