Film: 7958

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Silent | B/W


5.9.61: Japan ? World bus tourists. Extreme long shot of passenger ship at sea with land in background. Men, women and children (small group) standing on coast road in front of bus, two of the group are cleaning bus. Close-up of graffiti on bus. Interior of bus, doll abandoned on seat, planks strewn over floor, ball abandoned on seat. Sink. Flag of California Republic (Bear and Star) being hung on exterior of bus. Japanese photographers.
2.1.68: Cairo, Egypt. American tourists arrive at night. Women queueing to board bus being handed roses by man. Daytime: bus passes camera, tilt up to pyramid. Woman walking in the Valley of the Kings. Aerial view of women walking along pathway, one looks up and waves. Women taking photograph with Instamatic camera. The women on camels on road, pyramid in background, Arabs leading the camels, they pass the camera. Woman going off road, Sphinx in background. Line of women on camels that are lying on the ground. Egyptian photographer taking photograph with enormous covered camera. The assembled women with Sphinx and pyramid in background.
19.2.67: St. Louis, Missouri. U.S.A.. Alcohol detoxification centre. Sign above church entrance, 'St. Mary's Infirmary'. Long shot of entrance, tilt up to view of large block, not a church at all. Police van pulls up outside infirmary; close-up of writing on van door, 'Police 251 St. Louis. Policeman gets out of van, walks to rear and opens door. Close-up of sign above a door, 'St. Louis Detoxification Center ENTRANCE'. Wheelchair, legs of someone jumping into chair and being wheeled off. Sign: 'Attention - See that attendant places patient in a wheelchair. Do not allow patient to walk.' Wheelchair into lift, door closes. Policeman filling in form at desk, surrounded by nurses. Rear view of patients eating at table; profile of black man eating. Female doctor talking to man in suit at desk while they flick through file. Policeman pushing patient in wheelchair (rear view).
30.5.68: New York, U.S.A.. Police destroy liquor and beer. Plain clothes policemen throwing bottles from boxes at wall. Alcohol pouring down wall as bottles explode on impact. Bottles being removed from boxes.

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