Film: 7961

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


8.7.61: silent: Woolwich, London. Aftermath of fire in shop. Firemen and hoses on pavement. Crowd on pavement, fire-engine parked on roadside. Firemen at rear of fire tender. Facade of burnt out shop, windows smashed. Fireman's ladder. The wrecked shop window, dummies scattered. Shot from interior of shop, firemen entering and leaving building. Shot of the shop and the road sign, 'Hare St.'. Pedestrians crossing on zebra crossing, pan to road on which fire occurred, fire-engines and ambulances parked. Firemen chatting.
29.8.61: sound: Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S.A.. Airforce U.S. Volunteer Reserve advert. 'Easy-on natural spray starch'. Reporter standing in front of line of jet fighters. Interior of room where pilots are relaxing. 119th Bravo flight of the U.S. Air force Volunteer Reserve. Pilots discussing map; pick up helmets and parachutes which they put on. Aerial view of planes lined up. Major Wesley O'Hanan, squadron commander of 119th flight interviewed. Question: What is your reaction to orders to have squadron on active service? Not received official orders yet. His words accompanied by shots of pilots walking to planes (rear view), technicians in front of planes and pilots in cockpits putting helmets on. Major states that no-one wants to leave family; it was a bit of a shock.
29.8.61: sound: New York, U.S.A.. Guinea diplomat beaten up after car accident. C.B.S. reporter outside Guinea embassy. Indicating diplomatic car that was involved in accident. States that Michael Collett struck New York policeman. Ambassador Diallo Telli speaks in French to Press conference which is translated by white man. States that Collett did not hit or insult the policeman or the taxi driver also involved in the accident. Asked if Collett was hit, states through translator that he was hit inside the police car and inside the police station. Adds that this is not first time that African delegates have been dealt with in this way. Michael Murphy, New York City Police Commissioner interviewed - states that he agrees with the investigation that has been completed, that proper police action was taken.
14.9.61: sound: Keema, Texas, U.S.A.. The damage caused by hurricane Carla. C.B.S. reporter standing in front of wreckage, pulls back revealing more damage, pans to more damage. Interview with Jimmy Walker who owned a waterside restaurant. "Does it make you mad to see that your restaurant has been destroyed?" Will start over again; not mad about it. Reporter says that the population of Keema will need lots of help, but they will rebuild this town.
31.10.66: silent: London. Cinemas. Exterior shots of British cinemas. Century cinema showing 'See you in Hell, Darling'. Neon 'Rank Organisation' sign, with the outline of man striking gong. Odeon Leicester Square cinema showing 'What did you do in the war, Daddy?'. Rank cinema in Leicester Square showing 'Southwest to Sonora'. Medium shot of entrance to this cinema. An Odeon cinema showing 'After the Fox'. Medium shot of entrance, tilt up, bit grotty looking..
30.4.68: silent: Paris, France. Heart transplant. Picture of donor, Michael Gyppaz. Exterior of Gyppaz's flat in Bobigny. Signs: 'Bobigny', 'Rue Salengro', the near deserted Rue Salengro. The flats.
8.5.68: silent: Paris, France. Riots, police chief makes statement. Student demonstrators on and around statue. Police chief talking to students at a distance. Police chief making statement, but no sound, camera very unsteady.
8.5.68: silent: London. Treasury, U.P.W. (?) representatives. 'Treasury' sign above door. Big Ben. Tilt down. U.P.W. representatives walk towards the camera. They stand outside door of Treasury. Close-up of faces.

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