Film: 7962

Media | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


The Blitz and the Dambusters.
'Dambusters' extract : Lancaster bomber in flight (air to air). Bomb aimer. Lancaster in flight over water. Front guns of bomber firing. Point of view of front gunner, water rushing beneath, tracer bullets ahead. Bomber approaching. Bomb aimer with 'thumbs up'. View from cockpit of approaching dam. The bouncing bomb. Explosion, the dam collapses; aerial view of explosion. Pilot and Co-pilot congratulating each other (feature clip).

Wife of Wing Commander Gibson interviewed; she states that she is worried about her husband, that she is proud of him and that he can bring the war to an end (an original interview).

King George VI introduced to crew of Lancaster bomber that took part in the Dambusters raid; shakes hands. King looking at map with officers. Mrs. Gibson again. Lancaster bomber landing. Propellers of bomber stopping. Some kind of reunion of Lancaster bomber crew. Guy Gibson's bomber. Interior of cockpit. The old crew looking around the bomber. Air to air shots of Lancaster in flight.

Rushes of filming 'The Battle Of Britain' with Viscount Linley in attendance(?). Director interviewed, Guy Hamilton?. Preparing shots. Actors in uniform. Rubble from burnt out house (the Blitz reconstructed.) Smoke rising from house. Camera crew. Taxi pulls up, R.A.F. sergeant gets out and walks along bombed street.

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