Film: 7971

Road Transport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


From the point of view of a car. Manufacture of a Ford V8 22.

Quarrying. Industrial processing of iron ore. Engine block being fitted with components. A cam shaft. A crank shaft and bearings. Valve and piston testing and insertion. Production line of engines. Flywheel inserted and fixed on. Exhaust manifold. Gearbox construction. Gear testing for sound. Universal joint. Overhead shot of the Ford factory in Dagenham. Monorail conveyers in large production line. Car seat construction from leather and steel frame. Car body construction. Welding. Angle grinding. Synthetic enamel paint. Riveting. Rear axle construction. Radiator tube machine, producing lots of brass tubes. The car is assembled from individual parts shown earlier. Very shiny car. Tyres are fitted near the end of manufacture. Break testing. Finished cars are ready to go!

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