Film: 7973

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Big Game fishing 1960's
A row of anglers, fishing in shallow waters, in waders, throw their catch into the enclosed pen behind them
The fish, tuna, are shown being reeled in and flicked over the angler's shoulder into the pen. The action is from just off the Galapagos Islands. The large wriggling tuna can be seen stacked in the pen.
The action switches to an outdoor men's 110 metres high hurdles race. We see the race from the start as the crowd look on, the winning athlete of six breaks the finishing line. Next is the men's steeplechase and the camera focuses on the athletes as they clear the water jump, splashing through the water as they land. The camera shows in slow motion the athletes successfully negotiating the obstacle. Next is the men's long jump as the camera is positioned at the back of the sandpit. The athlete completes his run and take off, landing in the sand. We then see the action again in slow motion as the athlete from Penn State completes his jump. Next is the high jump, again in slow motion and we see the male athlete successfully clear the bar and land in the sand pit. We then see the pole vault from a high, side-on angle as the male athlete completes his run up and successfully clears the bar, falling safely into the sandpit. From behind the sandpit, another athlete clears the bar at a height of almost 15 feet. Another two male pole vaulters are shown successfully clearing the bar, the second in slow motion.
The action switches to the beach for a ski jump on the sand. A man in swimming trunks and skis sets off down a ramp built on the top of a sharp sandy incline. He leaves the ramp, travels a short way through the air before landing successfully on the sand, completing his journey skiing across the remaining flatter sandy area before gliding into the sea. The next skier topples over on landing and the following skier goes head over heels on hitting the sand. We see another five unsuccessful attempts at landing by male skiers.
We then move to a jetty where water skiers set off behind a speed boat. One falls of the jetty into the water. The camera shows four water skiers from the back of the speed boat. Three men and two women. One of the male skiers holds one leg and arm in the air, before we see a small single wing aeroplane flying just above the waves behind the skiers. As it passes, the wire is thrown from the speedboat into the cockpit of the plane. The sea plane then proceeds to ferry the skier across the water. A male skier on a square type of surfboard successfully negotiates a jump over a ramp in the water. Another skier lands unsuccessfully in the water having completed the jump. A water skier is shown clearing a ramp but crashing into the water after take-off. The unsuccessful jump is shown again in slow motion.
A single-man kayak enters rapids from under a logging building over the water but overturns. Another kayak is shown with the male occupant successfully rowing along the rapids. Then a double-man kayak, with both occupants wearing life-jackets, paddles past. We then see three separate single-man kayaks successfully negotiate their way round a sharp bend. Next a rowing boat with two occupants negotiates the waters, followed by a mixed couple in another flat-bottomed boat. Another two rowing boats swiftly follow, being rowed down the rapids. We see another two mixed couples with the males rowing and the females hanging on to the sides.
The action switches to single passenger outboard motor racing. The numbered competitors race off round the course from the start. We see two boats successfully negotiate a tight corner before speeding off up the straight. Another two competitors are shown clearing the bend before one of the boats crashes onto the beach, hurtling over the parked cars of spectators, much to the horror of a female onlooker. We then see the owner and rider of the crashed boat looking somewhat mystified over the recovered damaged boat.
The sport switches to horse racing, which looks like The Grand National from Aintree. The horses leave the start and are shown tackling one of the fences. One of the riders is unseated on landing, having cleared the fence. Another fence towards the end of the race and two horses crash upon landing. We see in slow motion a horse clear a fence but go head-over-heels on landing, throwing its rider to the ground. Action from another two fences as horses fall before we are shown the winning horse crossing the finish line.
Motorcycle hill-climbing comes next. The first rider is shown ascending the hill, then another rider having reached the top overshoots and crashes to the ground as his motorbike flies through the air. Another rider is shown ascending the hill, then another who loses control and lets his bike go, scattering the watching spectators. Another rider is unseated trying to negotiate the same part of the hill, with his bike spiralling back down the hill out of control. The piece of track unseats another rider, before we see a different rider fly over the handlebars, having reached the top of a hill. On the same piece of track, a rider lets his cycle go and it crashes amongst some scattering spectators. On reaching the top of a hill, another rider stumbles over the handlebars. The next rider loses his bike as he reaches the top of the hill and lets go of the handlebars, whereupon his bike crashes into the dirt. The final rider clears the brow of the hill but hurtles over the handlebars as his bike takes off.
Ancient automobile racing comes next. We see the various automobiles racing around the dirt track. We see the drivers steer through a perilous course consisting of a number of steep, small hillocks. We see the hotrod, stock-car type cars hurtling round the track, successfully negotiating the hilly obstacles. As the dust flies through the air, one car fails to negotiate a corner. Through the swirling dust, the packed competitors clear large puddles and a series of humps and bumps. Abrupt end.

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