Film: 7976

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Laurel as detective. First dressed as a women and making the husband of his client chase him, then a strange chase in the husband's house with crooks (the husband among them).
'Webster Dingle, Detective - "I solve your puzzles" '.
Laurel at a desk. A girl approaching. Laurel goes away, comes again dressed as a detective. Girl: 'My husband is a terrible flirt! Incidentally, he's also a crook! I want to hire you to catch him.'
Short: 'Je suis detective et j'attraperai votre mari.' Long: 'Lady, you've come to the right man! I'll be on the job the first thing tomorrow.' Girl leaves.
A hand presses a button. Girl, dressed elegantly, smoking, asks her husband to open. He angrily opens. Laurel, dressed as a woman, outside. The man, charmed, lets him in, rubs his hands. In the salon. Laurel drops his handkerchief. The husband picks it up for him. Laurel falls on the floor. A picture falls from the wall. Husband helps Laurel to get up, tenderly. Laurel claps him, goes to the girl. Shows her secretly his badge - Shhh, it's me. She asks him into a different room, then leaves. Laurel, pushing a trolley, dressed as a female servant. He brings tea to the husband. Husband asks him to take the tray and to sit next to him. Laurel does so. He pours tea. The husband puts his arm around Laurel's shoulder. Laurel frees himself. The husband tries again. Laurel smashes the cup on his head, pours another one and gives cup and a piece of cake to the husband. He pours one for himself; they have tea. Laurel has difficulties with his sandwich, laughs, puts it aside. The man puts his arm around Laurel's shoulder again, Laurel uses his spoon to catapult some milk in the husband's face. Husband asks for another cup. Laurel pours, meanwhile the husband's arm again. Laurel is charmed and keeps pouring all the time, over his apron and the husband's hand. The husband laughs. Laurel, annoyed, smashes a pot on his head. The husband chases Laurel, laughing (they both). Laurel throws the tray against the husband's head. They chase, tenderly, around the sofa. Laurel smashes another pot on the husband's head, jumps over a table and throws things at the husband. Chase around the table. In the background, the girl has arrived and watches them. They hide behind the table (on opposite sides) and peer around the corner. Creep around. Suddenly Laurel gets up and jumps out of the window. Outside. He falls on the street from the first floor, tumbles around.
In the bedroom, as detective. Laurel steps in white powder (accidentally), walks through the room, looking through a magnifying glass. Arrives where he started and follows his footprints. The girl arrives, sees the footprints. Laurel arrives again, tells her to be silent, and follows his footprints again. And again, one more time. A group of crooks around the husband. They disperse in the house. Laurel, with top hat and false moustache. The crooks follow him, plates in their hands to hit him. Laurel goes around a corner, comes back, and suddenly the crooks lie on the floor (scene missing?). The husband arrives, angry. The crooks, looking around for Laurel. He is among them, dressed as a dwarf, with long black beard. They go off. Laurel, listening at the closed door. A small window in the door opens and his hat is snatched. Then his beard. He puts on another hat. It is snatched. Again, and again another one. He puts on his glasses, knocks, and a vase is smashed on his head. He tumbles around. The girl arrives. He tells her to be silent, takes a bust, knocks on the door. Another vase is smashed on his head. He tumbles around, through a door and falls down. A hand appears in the door, waves for Laurel, and then knocks him down. Suddenly Laurel is dressed and awake again. A hand behind a door changes his hats. He gets angry and leaves... Into the crooks headquarter. He tells them that they are arrested (probably), then a vase falls from the door frame on his head. He tumbles out. The crooks get up and notice a screen. It lifts. Behind: Laurel, dressed as a lady, on a tiger's fur (with the stuffed head). The crooks are enchanted, kneel before her/him. He waves them back. Climbs on the fur: They shall fight for a flower. The crooks, excited, take their coats off. Laurel throws the flower on the floor. They fight for it, knock each other down. The husband wins, caresses the dressed Laurel, dazed. Laurel smashes a vase on his head, shows his badge. The husband faints. 'FIN'.

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