Film: 7977

Farming + Rural Life | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Short educational film on breeding, feeding and processing pigs in Denmark.
[Animation]. Europe. Denmark. 1/4 of the population work in agriculture. The famous 'Stromlinienschwein' ('streamline pig') is very common in Denmark. - Numbers of recent export quantities of the pig. They rouse in recent years - with help from the USA. Pigs and test tubes. Scientists and farmers work together.
[Reality]. A farmer. A pig, pregnant. Two children, watching. The pig lies down, the farmer climbs to her. Piglets are born, the farmer examines them. The yard. Chickens. A dozen piglets, sucking milk. Scientists prepare their food. Cows, milk bottles. A pig. A farmer stacking hay on a carriage. Corn. The pig, eating. Harvesting sugar-beets. The pig, eating. Suddenly it is bigger. Collecting potatoes. The pig gets bigger again. The pig being weighed. You have to keep to a standard fattening programme. A fat pig. Workers looking for modern, new methods of fattening. Pigs. Workers, putting special kinds of food into special drawers. Pigs. A worker, weighing the food. Pigs, eating. Workers. Pigs. The worker is feeding the pigs on the farm. Pigs, leaving the pigsty and running merrily into small paddocks. The pigs in the paddocks.
The central of agricultural experiments and a statue of its founder. Inside, a laboratory. Piglets get food. Eat. A pig in a chamber. Scientific experiments. E.g. what difference does more oxygen make?. The annual meeting of scientists and farmers. 'Fattening is one of the tasks. Breeding another.' Two wild boars. Animation, The wild boar transforming into a cultivated pig (over several stages). A cultivated pig, examined by a group of farmers. A farm. A fast, strange ride through the long, empty stable. Finally a pig. A scientist, putting a pig from one area into another. Writing down something on a list. 'Here pigs are bred methodically.' The barn. An agricultural exposition. People, flags. Pigs are shown to judges. A tractor. Tired men sitting in the grass. A band. Swing-boats. Horses. Pigs. Spectators. A merry-go-round. A pig in a paddock. Spectators. The winner getting a medal at an agricultural fair. A lorry driving pigs to the abattoir. A herd of pigs. The slaughterer, sharpening knives. Workers working at dead pigs. One of them stamping them. A dead pig is cut in halves. More processing of dead pigs. Pieces of dead pigs are wrapped into packages. Tin cans are filled and put on a conveyer belt. Sausages are filled. Fat. More sausages. Cans are put into boxes. Piles of tin cans. End.

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