Film: 7979

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Trieste after the World War Two. 'This film reached you because of the Marshall plan.'

Working in the docks, and on the market. The charities of the Americans and the Marshall plan for Trieste and Europe.
A harbour. Trieste, Italy . Morning of a working day. Ships in the harbour. Two policemen on horses. Guards at the border. Trieste is divided into two areas. English and American administrated area, and the Yugoslavian one. Peasants cross the border. They want to go to the market. A steam train. Flats. A family having breakfast. The father leaves, goes to work. 'There are more and more jobs, again.' Workers going to work. At the clocking in machine. Docks. Trams. A man sticking placards to a board. A huge market. An electric bus. Women, shopping at the market. A stall with fish. Some soldiers at the market. A train in the station. 'They go again.' A steam locomotive pulling goods wagons. Men examining the freight ('Marshall plan goods.'). The harbour. Containers. 'Trieste is an important harbour for American freight for Europe'. Ships. Derricks. The four millionth ton of Marshall plan goods for Austria. A simple ceremony. Workers emptying barrels of coal on a pile. The harbour. On the opposite shore there is a huge oil refinery. Chimneys, plants. Workers enlarging and modernizing the refinery. A building site. Plants. Derricks in the docks. Work in the docks. Welding. Ship building. A worker on the screw. A launch of a new ship (the 'Australia'). Crowds. Workers, smoking. The blessing of the ship. The christening as a bottle is crashed on the side. The crowds, cheering. The ship rolls into the sea. From the ship. Welding. A siren at the end of the day. The workers leave. Boats. Buildings, streets, flats in the evening. The family having dinner. The two policemen on their hoses. Mast and spire in the dusk. Derricks, dock in the dusk. A ship in the sunset.

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