Film: 7981

History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


History of ancient Greece. Ancient sites and art. Historical reconstruction including philospher talking to assembled students outdoors in an olive grove. Man running 'Marathon'. Two actors standing on pillars in a ruined outdoor theatre 1950's

The book of World History by ? Campbell Evans has obviously been used as a guide to the filming of this history of Ancient Greece.
The Acropolis in Athens with the Parthenon atop built to house a statue of ivory and gold of Athena (Pagan Goddess of Wisdom and also a Warrior Maiden) unfortunately no trace of the statue remains. Nevertheless it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world today and the views overlooking the city and the sea are well worth the climb.
The Temple of Apollo at Delphi is another site not to be missed when visiting Greece.
The Sanctuary of Apollo is at the heart of the complex that includes a theatre, stadium and a sacred spring. The Sacred Way leads you through the ruins of memorials and treasuries.
The land is fertile with cereal crops and olives growing.
Olive Oil is produced in abundance and many of the ancient vessels used to store the oil are still made today. Scene of potter making a replica of these flagons.
Some pottery is shown with scenes on them of everyday life depicted in bas relief .
The temple of Apollo in Delphi with actors adding life to the scene.
A portrayal of Aristotle teaching his pupils in a cameo scene.
6m40ss:- Marathon and how the defeat of Athens was prevented by the messenger sent by Miltiades the Commander of the army who fought off the Persians with his pincer movement surprising them and forcing them back into the sea where they re-grouped and proceeded towards Athens believing they would meet no opposition. But with the courage and fortitude of Pheidippides who ran the 25miles to Athens arriving just in time to warn of the impending arrival of the Persians and thus saving the day for Greece even though he collapsed and died of exhaustion after delivering his message, as the Persians retreated in the face of fresh opposition.
An athlete is shown running the route passing the column erected to mark this outstanding achievement.
Various Bronzes are shown including Discus Thrower and Javelin thrower.
Marble busts of Poseidon, Hermes, Aristotle and other great men of the time.
Athena statue outside the Athens Academy.

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