Film: 7987

Sport | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Shot of seated crowd at cricket match from within the stand. Top hat of man and headwear of women would suggest Edwardian era. A number of parasols can also be seen. Match is between the schoolboys of Eton and Harrow. Spectators can be seen still making their way to their seats despite the game having already started. The camera then pans down to the field of play, where we can see the players in their whites all wearing caps. The scoreboard can be seen in the background. Clip ends before another starts.

There then follows the same clip of film, slightly shorter, without the action from the field of play. End of clip.

The next clip starts with the action from the field, missing from the second clip. The third clip is again the same as the first. Suggest pre-World War One, about 1910.

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