Film: 7989

Aviation | 1950 | Mute | B/W


Bristol Brabazon. A very large propeller driven passenger plane.

The plane moving on an airstrip. Models of the plane showing the desired interior, lots of seats. Scenes of an office, lots of designers and paperwork. The plane being towed in an aircraft hanger. Outside the aircraft hanger, lots of people hanging out of the window holes. A nice shot from height and angle of a group of people walking on smooth concrete flooring. People walking away from the camera towards a very large aircraft hanger with the main doors closed. Time lapse of clouds. The giant main hanger doors opening. The plane being towed by a jeep. A sign reading "View the Brabazon". Kids watching through bars. A woman looking through a camera. People in shirts and ties talking with a propeller from the plane in the background. People in white mechanic suits climb into the plane on a ladder. The pilot thumbs up that he's ready. Propellers are started one by one. The plane climbs into the air. The plane above the clouds.

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