Film: 8001

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The problems of world food supply and distribution and how the system could be improved in the post war era.
Derelict farm buildings and farms for sale a poster for the sale of Home Farm Sherston in Wiltshire. Man discusses nutrition at a big desk in tweeds and pipe. Family at tea of bread and jam. Statistics on rickets and TB (tuberculosis). Horse ploughing. War time women on the land, drainage. Discussion of importing food from U.S.A. and Australia. Working in the docks, building munitions, and airplanes. Women stand in queue for food. Land lease policy. Woman stands beside war posters and explains rationing, ration books and tinned foods. Ministry of food. People in the canteen. Rationing in the shops. British restaurants. Black market is discussed. Children drinking milk and eating at school. Expectant mothers.

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