Film: 8013

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Story of oil: history, usage and exploration told in cartoon format.

Men in black moving very quickly along a plain field with oil rigs in the back.

Narrator begins to tell the story of oil with a description of the Tower of Babel. Construction worker building the tower, using an oil base to glue the bricks. Noah building the arc, using an oil base to glue the wood pieces together. Chinese man using a cauldron fueled by oil for home-heating. Cartoons of whales killed by fishermen for their oil blubber.

1859: Col. Drake drill for oil in Pennsylvania and finds it.

Story of how oil is formed. Water with microorganisms that die and sink to the bottom. Dead organisms become crude oil and gas. Man looking for oil. Geological map, three dimensions. Demonstration of equipment used by geophysicists, magnetometrists, seismologists to determine location of oil. Machines, wires, measuring tools.

Display of forms of exploring for oil: cable tool drill, rotary tool drill, drill pipe.

Display of how bits and pieces of equipment lost is retrieved using various forms of large drills that remove the bits and pieces from the ground.

Display of various forms of drilling for oil is done in the sea: submarine barge, fixed platform, submersible platform, self-raising platform, drilling vessel, semi-submersible platform.

Exploration wells. Narrator says that oil companies find oil and convert it into "fuels that make life easier for us all".

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