Film: 8015

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur home movie. Has great party scene towards the end. Bornholm Island, Denmark.
Stockholm to Germany in 1932. Blanchs Hotel in Bornholm, Denmark. Great dining room scenes. Gudhjem harbour
Hafen Von Wisby. Island of Visby. Sodertalje. Boat journey to Stockholm, Sweden.
Stockholm town hall the Stadthuset. Military parade. Traditional folk dancing. Little children dancing ballroom style together at a dancing competition. One toddler has to be dragged off the dance floor. Very fat woman in badly fitting swimsuit does physical jerks on the beach. Two women greet each other by a Nash car. Lots of beach or seaside activity. More shots of the fat woman doing exercises and a little dance, no doubt inserted for amusement value.
Indoor jollies. New Years Eve 1932. Two woman seated by coffee table. Two men in bed together toe to toe. Man sets out lamps in the living room, pan of pictures on the wall all lit up. Photographs of family on the mantelpiece. Maid (?) puts on a tiara for a lady. Relatives arrive. Maids greet them and give out glasses of champagne. Guests file past. Men all in dinner jackets. Lavish food wheeled in on trolleys. Children play musical instruments, violin, ukulele and piano.

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