Film: 8027

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A pair of swimming flippers and goggles on a table with a chequered table cloth. The presenter, Steve Brodie, talking to camera and holds up a piece of chalk, he has a camera behind him and he wears a safari suit, he introduces the program and explain what is it going to be about.

Close up of Steve Brodie who explains the dangers of being a stuntman, he introduces twelve years old Jimmy Watson, a cameraman who shakes hands with Steve and says he is good with a pulley, Steve asks Jimmy whether he is related to Coy Watson. Jimmy Watson in close up says, yes, "he is my teacher and my dad." Close up of Steve who explains that Coy Watson is a top newsreel cameraman. Close up on Jimmy who then explains that he has 5 uncles, 1 great uncle and a grandfather who were all cameramen. Shot of Steve and Jimmy together, closing up on Steve who addresses the viewer and explains that they will be playing the film now.

Light hearted music is heard in the background, a shot of a little curly, blond haired girl, aged no more than 5, wearing her night dress is seen climbing out from her bed, in the background there is a white wall, there is a picture, and a door in the background. Steve's commentary points out that adventure begins at an early stage, when there is a strong wish to explore, after the girl has climbed out from her bed, she places her right hand over her mouth, scratches her face, smiles and walks away from the view, picture fades.

Race lane, 5 mini racing flags are placed on a bale of hay, four of them stands upright, whilst one flag is extended to the side, across the lane, there is a line created by bales of hay acting as safety guards, behind the guards, people are standing. Steve explains that the place is Local quarter midget racing car track. General view of the stand, adults and children are sitting on down looking at all directions, on the first row, a man is staring directly at the camera, a little boy sits next to the man, and there is a middle aged lady with glasses who is sitting on the other side of the boy, on the second row a mother and a girl sits close to each other looking towards the race lane, behind them, there are two boys who are cannot take their eyes off the race track, and their mothers looks at the boys, others on the stand are chatting away to each other, camera moves to the left hand side showing more viewers, some with sunglasses and caps, some are adults and some are children. Steve further comments that the race is taking place in San Fernando Valley, California, U.S.A. There is a middle aged man with glasses holding a pen and paper on a clip board, he is wearing a striped shirt, behind him there are two midget racing cars, a wire fence divides the area between the racing cars and the car park, two cars can be seen in the background, there is a poster made of fabric with "Pepsi Cola, Special 00" beyond the car park, trees, houses and mountains can be seen at a distance, camera moves sideways and show more midget racing cars, the middle aged man with the glasses shakes his right hand whilst holding his pen, camera moves further to the side and shows children with their fathers preparing for the race. Close up of a boy with a helmet and protective goggles sitting inside a midget racing car, Steve comments the children racers' as "pint sized" or very small. Close up of another midget racing driver, who is bigger in size, older and more confident in appearance, he is also wearing a helmet, he smiles at the camera, another midget race driver Jack, drives behind the boy and comes into view, the camera shifts the attention to the new arrival, focus is placed on the boy whilst Steve explains that veterans can be as young as five years old for this race, there is a boy and an adult walking in past in the behind the two racing cars.

Steve explains that fathers of the racers acts as mechanics for the race, the camera focuses on Station number 8. In the centre there is a midget racing car, there is a man, a father of the driver, checking the condition of the car, he is bending down, on the opposite side of the car another man and a young driver with a helmet, big driver's goggles, wearing a turtle neck stands closely. Close up of the same driver, who is a girl is looking to the camera, her brother stands in the background. Close up of the father checking the back of the car, he bends over the car, Steve comments that the motor is being tuned. Still the view of the station number 8, the father, the driver and another teenager can be seen preparing for the beginning of the race. A close up view of the engine of the midget car, a hand controls the tuning of the motor. Then here are succession of short clips of the drivers sitting in their small cars, ready for the start of the race, Steve' s rapid commentary introduces the drivers. The boy with a big helmet and goggles sits of the car number 40 stares directly at the camera. Alex forth, the driver of the midget racing car number 55 waves his hands to the camera. A quick shot of Alexia Sharowin, a female driver of number 222. Followed by quick shots of the drivers car number 46. Number 38. Number 180. All of them wave their hands to the camera, some smiling. Longer shot of the driver of car number 98, Herbert Wilson, Steve comments in the background that Wilson is the favourite of this race. Racing ground, a midget car sits still, engine failure, two male adults approaches the car, lifts the car with the driver off the race lane.

The judging box, big poster at the top with writings "Home of Vally 1/4 Midget", in the judging box, there are four women and a man working away on their paper work, some are looking outwards. Warm up for the race, close up picture of the starting line, mini drivers and their midget cars line up, all cars have their technicians standing close behind, who with a signal, push the car to the start. There are 7 midget cars in total. Cheerful views on the stand, fully packed with children and adults, some are looking towards the camera and others cannot take their eyes off the racing ground. The race begins as a man shakes the flag at the start line, midget racing cars whiz past the starting line; camera then focuses briefly on car number 38. Distant view from the race ground, circular race track is in complete view, in the centre of the race ground, there is a circular green area where men stands ready to act if necessary, the race ground is marked off and protected by a line of bails of hay, surrounding the hay line, a wire fence separates the ground from the views, some are looking at the race track from behind the wire fence, behind the viewers, full sized cars are stationed, joint running commentary by Steve and Jimmy on the race. Closer shot of the race, a view of a bend of the race lane shot from the centre. Back to overview shot of the race, midget racing cars race away in the circular race lane. Steve comments in the background that the average speed of the race is about 25 miles per hour. Close shot of car number 41 racing away. Back to the general view of the race, in the centre of the race lane in the green grass area, Jimmy Watson wearing a checked shirt and jeans, is bending one knee on the ground with a camera in his hand taking a closer view of the race. Overview shot of the race.

A small crash takes place between the two leading race cars numbered 13 and 98. Two men standing in the centre runs across, another race car takes over the scene, the two racing cars number 13 and 98 are put back on track, race continues. Closer shot of 41 and 98, car number 98 overtakes number 41. Image of the fully packed viewing stand. Car number 98 whizzes past. Close shot of a bend shows the race cars rapidly making their turn. Close shot of car number 55. Close shot of the bend with the racing cars. Follows the car number 98, Steve comments that it only has one more lap to go before finishing. Another shot of 98. Finish line - number 98 races past the start line, flag is waved on the side, number 41 finishes second place, followed by the rest of the midget race drivers. Distant shot shows car number 98 driving in the race lane. The driver of the car number 98 receives the racing flag from the man in the middle, holds the checked flag with his right hand while he drives through his "victory lap." Shot of the audience at the stand. Having finished the lap, the driver hands the flag back and does another lap. The driver slows down, comes to a halt, he is greeted with a blond haired girl who kisses the boy and hands the trophy to him, camera focuses on the champion, who has a big grin on his face, picture fades as he holds the trophy in the air.

Complete change of scene, beach side, light coloured sandy beach in view, there is a poster at the background "Muscle beach, bath house" California, a section of the pier can be seen in the distance, there is also a metal equipment for acrobats, a girl, Carole Lupergarson, 10 years of age has long wavy blond hair and is wearing a bikini as she smiles to the camera, she climbs up to the top of the metal bars, walks over the top bar balancing herself with her hands. A close up of her leg work. A close up of her balancing technique using her upper body. Steve's comments about skills needed for her talent. Carole reaches the end of the bar, grabs at the bar with both hands, does a turn on the bar, jumps down and lands on the sandy beach, then she runs across towards more metallic bars. There are two metal bars, that are situated parallel to each other, a shoulder length apart, she swings on to one of the bars to place herself on the two bars. Side view of the equipment, behind the structure, there are some beach shops, a lamp post and an advertisement board, the girl places herself parallel to the two bars, holds on to both bars, slowly lifts her legs in the air and comes to a still in a handstand. Front shot of the girl from the ground level, the girl smiles to the camera whilst keeping her handstand form on the two bars. Another view of her handstand on the bars, gracefully she swings her body and jumps down to the ground, lands, and moves on, the camera follows her, more than 4 short palm trees can be seen in the background, Jimmy and Steve comments about her performance in the background. Carol climbs up a robe. She makes a pose by holding to the robe with one hand and one leg while stretching out the other arm and leg in the air, Steve comments that her siblings are also acrobats. Close up of Carol's pose. She climbs down from the rope. The girl looks towards the gym rings, jumps up but cannot reach. She looks to the side, runs across, starts to climb up a side metal bar of the gym rings. Steve explains that Gym rings are her favourite. Steve comments about her practise routines and explains other things related to the girl. Carol displays her various tricks and swings away. Front view, showing the girl swinging on the gym rings, the sea can be seen in the background, there are some people in the background who are looking at the girl. Closer front view of the girl, she swings, jumps down, lands on the ground, makes her landing pose, smiles to the camera, the picture fades.

An airport, there are three small planes in view, a man and a little boy walks over to one of the aeroplanes, they are both dressed in half sleeved shirts and trousers. The boy, Steven, aged 9, walks towards the aircraft with his father, they are holding hands. Close view of the propeller, which begins to turn, speeds up. Close side view of Steven shows him placing the headphones over his ears, and begins to drive the plane. Plane drives on the runway. The boy communicates using a small speaker. Steven's view of the runway. Plane viewed from the ground. Take off, view from the plane shows the runway, then the view of the sky comes into full view. A ground view of the plane taking off from the runway. View of Steve's plane from above, small view of the plane, vast ocean in the background, just a hint of land, with cliffs. Close up of Steven from the back. View of the plane from above showing Steve's plane performing a loop in the air. Another view of the plane from a distance shows the plane falling like a leaf and flying off as soon as it gets near to the sea. Close up of Steven in profile from the plane, the picture fades.

Full close up view of Crystal Scarborough Swimming Club , Steve comments that Crystal is famous for teaching a baby to swim 19 years ago. Shot of the poster which says "Babies. Children. Adults. Private and Class lessons, heated pools." At the side of the swimming pool, a lady who is wearing a white swimming costume and a white towel dressing gown, is holding a hand of a baby girl, Lisa aged 1 dark haired, wearing a frilly swimming costume, together they walk before a lady who has dark hair, is wearing a white shirt and a dark trousers and is sitting on a deck chair, the baby girl and the lady walks together towards the camera, some other children can be seen playing in a swimming pool in the background, there are some empty deck chairs and parts of buildings that are visible in the background. Lisa and the lady walks to another lady wearing a white one piece swimming costume, who picks Lisa up and places the girl on her lap, the lady picks up a swimming flipper and looks over to the little girl. Close up of the little girl's legs show that the lady places the swimming flippers to Lisa, Steve comments that Lisa only weigh 17 pounds, the lady makes Lisa's feet with the flippers imitate the swimming motion, camera moves upwards to focus the faces of the lady and Lisa. The lady, stands up whilst holding Lisa, behind them, there are some ladies in summer dresses and sunglasses sitting on the deck chairs, some more adults are watching over the children, who are swimming away in the pool. The lady who is holding Lisa, walks towards the pool, where they join the other children who are playing in the pool, the water reflects light in all directions, showing the day to be sunny, there are more adults watching over the children in the background in a shade, there is also a conservatory in the background. Close up of Lisa and the swimming teacher, the teachers splashes water to show Lisa how to move her legs for swimming. Close up of Lisa in the pool. Light hearted music with flute is heard in the background, the teacher places Lisa in water swiftly and gently lets go of the girl, Lisa in turn swim towards the teacher, bobbing her head above and beneath water, the teacher holds her hand up in the air to keep Lisa's attention above water, the teacher moves backwards to encourage Lisa to continue swimming towards her, Lisa breathes above water and breathes out below water. Under water, the teacher's back is in view, the teacher gently pushes the little girl into the water leads her between the gap of the teacher's legs, then, Lisa having gone through the gap swims upwards, the teacher holds Lisa, the camera moves on to a side view of Lisa and the teacher, Lisa is placed in water on the teacher's bent knee, the teacher encourages Lisa to breath in and out whilst placing Lisa's head below and above water.

View of the swimming pool above water, deck chairs can be seen on the other side of the pool, five children swim across the swimming pool, three of the children swim faster than the others, soon reaching the side of the pool, the other two children who are younger makes their way. The side of the pool, children line up in water, holding to the side of the pool with both hands splashing water with their legs. Close up of a girl at the side of the pool, her hair is wet, she smiles at the camera. Two children, both hold out pointed fingers above water and practise having their head above water. Three more children also holding up their pointed finger above water trying to stay above water, teacher in background. Edge of the swimming pool, a little girl wearing a frilly swimming costume leads her way above water by stepping up the stairs situated at the side of the pool, a child dives in to the pool, another girl climbs out of the pool using the stairs. Close up of the teacher and her students, the teacher is standing in the swimming pool, a little girl prepares to dive in, dives in, swims back towards the teacher, who takes the little girl's hand, another boy dives in, the teacher lifts the little girl out of the pool who then dives back into the water. A girl steps out of the swimming pool. Side of the swimming pool, at the tip of the diving board, a boy lifts his arms high up in the air and jumps into the pool with a splash, rises above water. Tip of the same diving board, a girl in dark swimming costume dives in, she has her hands held together above her head, points the hands down to the water and dives in. The tip of the diving board, the teacher and Lisa prepares for Lisa's diving, the teacher stands directly behind Lisa, checking Lisa's diving shape, Lisa dives into the pool, rises above water swim towards the camera. Lisa swims backstroke. Steve comments, explaining Lisa's swimming history. The teacher helps another boy to stay above water, they both look up to the camera. The teacher holds Lisa in the swimming pool whilst one of her pupils swims below her through the gap between her legs, more children swim through the gaps. Below water, children swim towards the camera some waving, picture fades.

San Fernando Valley, California, a small round table in a garden, there are three rifle guns and an open box which has a hair band with three chalks attached on top, the camera moves behind the table, a small boy dressed in cowboy clothes stares directly towards the camera, behind him, there is his father dressed in jeans, cowboy shirts with a dark cow boy hat, before the man a girl also dressed in cowboy shirt and a jeans skirt with her hand in the pocket looks towards Jimmy Watson who reaches out his hand towards the father, they shake their hands, between the girl and Jimmy, his camera stands on the tripod, behind all four of them there is a white wall with plants on both sides of the screen, in the centre of the wall, there is a decorated area with a small black board, the girl moves towards the black board Jimmy Watson moves his camera in position towards the decorated area. The girl is Vevary Morley, 10 years of age. Shot of the little boy with his boots walking towards steps where he sits and watches what happens. Back to the view with the decorated area. The father points the gun and prepares to shot towards a target, which is a chalk held by his daughter. Close up of the girl's hand holding a chalk. Back to the view, where the father shoots the target, chalk scatters at the top end. Close up showing the chalk powder being splashed on to the black board. Close up of the little boy with a side parting, smiling and clapping. Back to the frame with the father, the girl and Jimmy Watson, who checks the light intensity and prepares to record another shooting session, this time the girl places the chalk between her lips. Close up, side view of the girl with the chalk. The father shoots from a distance. Close up of the girl, the chalk is now shorter as a result of a successful shot. Distant view, the father looks back to the camera, smiles and nods. Back to the view of the small round table, Jimmy Watson lifts the hair band with three chalks attached places to the head of the girl, who is standing face to face with the father, Jimmy signals the father. Close up of the girl. Close up of the little boy, who places his hands before his eyes. The father shoots away the chalks one by one. Close up of the girl. The father smiles to the camera. Close up to the girl, who takes the hair band off her head, waves with a big smile on her face. Close up of the little boy, who places his left hand at the back of his head. Jimmy Watson and the father stands next to the black board, the father blows up a balloon, places it on the black board. Close up of the balloon attached to the blackboard, Jimmy Watson and the father moves away. Picture, close up of the girl, holding the rifle places the bullet. Looks to the target, holds her gun. Shoots, smiles away. Little boy in close up claps. The father holds the balloon. Close up of the balloon. The girl aims to the target. Shoots. The father holds a chalk against the black board. Close up of the boy who waves to the camera.

A lady and a long curly, dark haired girl faces each other, both of them are wearing a tutu for ballet. The girl, Martha, who is training to become a water ski ballet dancer checks her posture, the teacher supports the girl. Beach side, both the teacher and the girl prepares to ski. Both wears the ski and holds a bar from a motor operated boat, which picks up speed and prepares to water ski. The teacher and Martha ski above water, they display some ballet moves. Practise session shows Martha being trained by her teacher. Steve explains her achievements so far. Shot shows Martha doing some ski jumps, turns, tricks. Finally, Martha stretches out her hand to the side and skis towards the camera. Steve comments in the background, "there is nothing wrong with the younger generation." End of film.

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