Film: 8030

Industry + Work | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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North Thames Gas film. Gas company for North London and surrounding areas. Possibly a recruitment film as much as a promotional film.
Lighting gas lamps. Pall Mall in London. House of Parliament from the South Bank. Thames at Maidenhead. Trafalgar Square. Buckingham Palace. Policeman guards the door of number 10 Downing street.
Gas man tries to read gas meter at a house but the man living there speaks no English. Problems as quarter of customers are immigrants. Another gas man tries to speak to a woman at her doorstep about her cooker, "Cooker si si" is her reply. "boom boom" another woman says. Inside a posher house gas rep talks to a Polish woman about her fireplace. Indian couple speak to a man at a gas showroom. Need for tact and patience talking to ethnic minorities.
Rolls Royce car drives up, close up of Silver Lady. City Of London. Fleet Street. Threadneedle Street. Tube train pulls into a tunnel. London Underground Tube train outdoors bound for Cockfosters on the Piccadilly Line. Quick shots of factory exteriors -Ford, McVities, Glaxo, Mars, Gillettes, Isleworth. Tilt up Charing Cross Hospital. St Bartholomew's hospital exterior. The Gloucester Hotel. The Dorchester Hotel. Tower Hotel.
Chef with a moustache cooks a steak. Master De Quincey's restaurant. Exteriors of other cafes and restaurants. Waiter serves a meal at a table. Exterior of Jack's Café- greasy spoon type place. Close up of fry up breakfast.
Montage of gas flames. Commentary recounts how North Thames gas supplies gas to all of the above and then how this came about.
Man shovels coal into a flaming furnace- how gas used to be made. Oil refinery. Rig in the North Sea.
Office scene with computers. Computer screen. Man points at graph on the wall. Another technician at work in a control centre. Knobs twisted, button pushed, light comes on.
Gas maintenance road works. Close up of red traffic light on red with cars passing behind in a contraflow. Man in helmet and protective gear works in a hole in the ground. He seals a pipe with rubber. One workman has a perm
Replacing old gas pipes with yellow plastic pipe in suburban street. Gas main pipe being repaired from the inside by 'human moles'. Men crawl through a pipe with lights on hard hats. Large works to replace mains with digger, man with pneumatic drill. Workmen with their shirts off.
Large gas holding tanks.
Gas escape 'sniffer' car, a Morris Marina estate. Man inside as it drives along with equipment and a map. Another man detects gas leaks with hand held detector in a busy shopping street. Hand dials telephone number in red telephone box.
Large call centre where gas leaks are reported, women sit at banks of computer screens with telephone head sets on. Close up of woman operator talking into headpiece. Her hands type on the computer keyboard. Close up of the green text on the monitor. Man at emergency radio control room pulls off a job from the teleprinter and phones it through. Morris gas van through street.
Driver pulls over and speaks to control room on a car phone. He writes the details down and drives away from the camera.
Tracking shot across another call centre for customers, banks of women with telephones and card typer machines, jobs on cards are put on a mini conveyor. Various shots of women with phone headsets talking to customers. One tells the customer to try putting another coin in her gas meter. Voice on phone asks if putting a £5 note would work (this may sound far fetched but try working in one of these places).
A young couple are shown around a display kitchen in a gas showroom. Gas van drives up to new housing development. Gas boiler and electric controls are installed.
Workman in overalls oversees gas boilers in basement of the NatWest tower. Tilt up the Tower. Gas boiler taken off a lorry by fork lift truck .
Gas service vans driver over a bridge. Head of a gas man as he drives along. Van through London traffic. Four gas men carry a large appliance into a house and up some narrow stairs. They struggle around a corner. Another man with a cooker on a sack trolley tries to deliver it but the lift is out of order. 'Out of Order' sign on lift doors.
Woman tells a gas man she wants her radiator on a different wall from the one he is putting it on, he looks exasperated. Gas engineer with a curly footballer style perm fixes an oven in a restaurant kitchen. Repair man fixes a cooker in a domestic kitchen while a housewife does the drying up. Gas man gets into his van and makes a phone call on primitive car phone with push button knobs. He makes his report and drives off.
Pan of central stores warehouse in Bromley By Bow, East London, vans come and go. Tracking shot around the huge stores with shelves full of parts and appliances. Cookers loaded onto lorries. Ford truck reverses and picks up trailer and drives away. Vehicle park. Man paints van with paint gun. 'GAS' livery sticker unpeeled. Mechanics fix van engines. One uses crypton tuning device.
Training, men work on dummy boilers under supervision of men in white coats. New trainee puts on gas mask. Trainees work on machinery. Computer training. Putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. Large room with banks of mainframe computers. Memory banks and old style printer.
Yet another call centre for gas bill enquires, women bring up bill details on computer screens. One operator talks to a customer about taking a gas reading as her dog chased the meter reader away. Computer with tapes spinning. Gas bills being printed.
North Thames sports ground. 'Get set, go!' and runners set off. Man throws javelin. Football match. Tug of war. Men playing squash. Rear view of men in deckchairs watching a cricket match. Four man rowing boat, presumably on the Thames. Bowls for retired employees.
Montage of employees, office staff with computers, mechanic. Receptionist giving directions. Home Service advisor in fetching blue uniform locks van and goes into garden of house. Inside she demonstrates new cooker knobs for an old woman. Hans turn knobs. Gas fire, advisor tells old woman she should get one with a top control. Commercial rep in a suit with briefcase shakes hands with another on steps of headquarters of Gilette. Cashier at gas shop deals with old woman. Old woman sticks gas stamps in a book. Montage of employees.
(22.31) Map of North Thames Gas area. Pull back from picture of the Earth.


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