Film: 8034

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Berlin in Germany 1940's just post world war two

Street scene of grand buildings except that half are now seriously damaged during World War Two People walk around in front of the rubble that is clear of the street itself. People are seen in the open walls (shells) of the remaining buildings. Women sit and lie in the sun. View from the damaged buildings to the street below. Couple walking in a park with a cemetery in the background. Man ski-ing and slaloming on the lawn from a hill (no snow) and he ends up by falling down. View of the Weser River (North Germany) which because of war damage was breached leaving the barges in the riverbed.
* Landscape of Turkestan's fields being worked by local (Caspian sea shore ) Plane flying over the land. This is the way vet moved from one place to another. Flock of sheep. Vet examines some of them. View from the plane to the fields below. Locals fishing under the ice - Bay of Finland. Locals hauling a net full of fish from the water.
* Row of sand yachts on California's beaches U.S.A. Start of a race. Fall of two sand yachts. Looking down on hall crowded for an exhibition in Paris of 100 Masterpieces (Modigliani, Douanier Rousseau, Picasso, Bonar, Roueau). Close-up of some of them.
* Queue of people in front of the main entrance of 'La foire de Paris' (Paris Trade Fair). View of a large part of it from outside. View of the 'Machines, Engines' Hall from inside. Engine in the foreground and crowd in the background). Photographers taking pictures of prominent figures present. Close-up of stalls of all sorts. Crowd outdoors.
Message apologizing for not showing the boxing match between Marcel Cerdan and Charron.
* Looking down on a square in Brussels, Belgium. Close up of shop window. Close-up of shoes. Man writing on a display window. Shop assistant removing price ticket from suit on dummy. Woman franking thousands of stamps. View of vegetable market (display in foreground) Close up of eggs, sales assistant putting the price down. Close up of hands rubbing out vegetable price to reduce it.
* View of a monument (Battle of 3 Emperors) in Austerlitz. Statue of one of the emperors overlooking the land (Czechoslovakia). Close up of General Delatre delivering a speech. Map of the battle. Close-up of top of the monument. Close-up of notice commemorating soldiers. View of what may be the monument from far away.
* Warship at sea. Warship at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii than San Francisco. People seeing the ship off. View of Golden Gate Bridge. Warship Shangrila in the Panama Canal. Map of New Guinea and Pacific Ocean. Map of Bikini (Bay) Atoll. Aerial view of Bikini Atoll and warships. Local shelter surrounded by palm trees. Soldiers and locals under it. Local children playing in the water. Construction of observation tower on the island. Serviceman fixing cars and tanks on the ship before leaving. Serviceman controlling radar. View of radars o the ship. Close-up of a remote control being manipulated. Take-off of a plane from the aircraft carrier. View of planes above the sea. Nuclear explosion.
* Bells of 'Ste Marie de la Mer' (South France) church ringing. Children pulling bells' ropes. Queue of gypsies waiting to kiss the statue of St. Sarah. Close-up of a child kissing St. Sarah statue. Gypsies fixing notes on the statue. Procession of gypsies marching in Ste Marie de la Mer streets. Beaches overcrowded for the event. Priest of the ceremony giving his blessing. View of caravans. Gypsies hammering on pots. Close-up of an old gypsy woman smoking pipe. Fortune-teller reading someone's palm. Children at school during a class. Close-up of a young gypsy girl at her desk. Close-up of a teenage gypsy girl staring at the camera in a harsh way. Gypsy man at University in Paris.
* Two men correcting the script of a book. Close up of the writer's face.

Django Reinhardt (jazz guitarist) with his band. Close-up of his face. 3 shots of Reinhardt lasting 10 seconds. First shot about 5 seconds of whole band with Reinhardt in centre playing guitar. Second shot is a big close up of his head as he plays, about 3 seconds. Third shot about 2 seconds of his hand playing guitar. Sound is not recorded live, but is of a voiceover of a man talking in French over what is presumably of Reinhardt playing music. The five men (including Reinhardt) in the first shot play two guitars, a bass, drums and a clarinet, so this clip was presumably filmed in Paris with Hubert Rostaing's clarinet substituting for Stephane Grapelly's (Stephane Grappelli) violin, before Grapelly returned to Paris from London after World War Two.

Accordionist playing for some gypsy dancers. Man and woman dancing in a traditional way surrounded by people. Audience clapping their hands. Shot of traditional caravan. White horse next to it. Close-up of horse's head. Shot of caravan moving away from the camera.
(end of first part)
*Close-up of a picture representing a woman breast feeding her child. Shot of a nursery. Close-up of a baby trying to catch a fluffy toy sheep through the bars of a playpen. Baby in a bouncer hung by elastic being bounced by a nurse. Close-up of baby-sitting smiling at his fluffy sheep. Close-up of babies faces in their playpen. Shot of a nursery dormitory. Nurse weighing a baby. Nurse weighing a baby and drying her. View over baby beds outdoors. Close-up of baby sucking a dummy.
* Arrival of the jury for the Goncourt Literary Prize 1946. (R D'Orgelet, A Vigny, F Carquot, L Lardier, Colette) Shot of all of them around table eating. Elsa Triollet is given her prize.
* Title - Railway and Road
Shot of a tyre factory. Different stages of the process. Row of men rolling a brand new tyre. Outdoor view of thousands of stacked tyres.
* Aerial shot of an American military camp 'Realtor' desert in China. Workers extending the camp. Close-up of bulldozers. Soldiers washing their clothes and shaving. Group of soldiers looking at a map of the area. View of an outdoor stage. A show is being performed in front of an audience of 15000 soldiers. Audience clapping. Trucks are being filled and a large part of the camp is leaving. Shot of American soldiers waiting to board a ship. File of soldiers climbing stairs on the boat and carrying rucksacks and bags. File of soldiers coming up laden with rucksacks and bags. Soldiers on the ship saying goodbye to the camera.
* African army marching through Lambeze ruins. Shot of fanfare. Horses and riders marching at the same location. General Sabatier giving a speech (to the camera) declaring the loss of soldiers due to the Indo-China war. Aerial view of a part of the country. Typical town invaded by French soldiers. Shot of a local monument. Shot of explosions in local villages and inhabitants escaping.
* Harbour at Toulon (France). French warships half sunk since 27 November 1942, which were scuttled by the French navy itself. Close-up of cannons cut in half by Germans as a kind of revenge. In Casablanca (Morocco) harbour, a ship is being taken out of the water and saved (being taken into dry dock?). Shot of the whole ship afloat and repaired. Shot of an aircraft carrier berthed and being repaired. Next to it, other, smaller, ships are repaired as well. Man hammering on one of them. Another one is being done up. Shot of a cannon being replaced by a crane and soldiers. Shot of this ship of the coast taken from a plane.

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