Film: 8037

Religion | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Japan - Zen Buddhism 1960's
1.Giant Buddha of Nara. Inside the temple. People who come to learn to meditate. Medititating sessions. Girl students being trained in meditation. Zen monks doing alms in town. Monks' meal. A monk walking through town. Calligraphy. Bell ring. The exterior of a temple. The interior of a temple. Cleaning of the temple floor. Chopping wood, cleaning of temple garden. Monks' meiditation.
2.Zen Buddhist monks at Sojiji and Enkakuji temples. Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Statue of Buddha. Close ups, monks at prayer in simple room, each is struck on the shoulder with a stick of wood. Young girls in school uniform pray, also in lotus position. Rear shot of monks in traditional clothing (sandals, painted hats) walking down urban street. Calligraphy, figure in silhouette, scrubbing floors. Chopping wood. Interesting close ups of monks' heads and faces at prayer. Long shot of temple, hidden above the city. Buddhist monk sweeping pathway as train rushes past.
Interesting leader - Leader counts from 10 down to 1

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