Film: 8041

Shipping | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Wonderful film record of golden days of transatlantic ocean liner travel 1940's

Engravings of Great Eastern, still of Jules Venue. Aerial views of docks of Southampton, Hampshire. Queen Mary - various views. Tugs pull Queen Mary out of docks. Out to sea, arrival at Cherbourg, France, cranes bring cargoes into hold. Mast, crow's nest, out of Cherbourg, Purser's Office, people at desks. Safe deposit boxes, passenger lists, ship's bank, main lounge, stage, murals, shopping centre, lifts, plaque to Queen Mary, swimming pools, squash courts, corridor to cabins, telephone, switch board, Beauty parlour, barber shop, dining room, full of people and waiters, kitchens, cooks, bars, dancing on the bridge, engine rooms, air tight doors, control panels in engine room, batteries, generators, captain in cabin, propeller shafts, air conditioning, ventilators, funnel, travel bureaux, wireless room, laboratory, medical officer, printing presses for "Ocean Times" - eight page daily, New York harbour, U.S.A., crowd await arrival, banner "Cunard White Star".

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