Film: 8042

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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India in Asia 1940's

Himalayas, source of Ganges, delta. Beneras. Sugar cane is cut by men and women, brahman cows basic wooden plough, boys go to school, school master teaches. Women make bricks out of cow manure for burning on the fire as there is very little wood. Man ploughs, woman sews seeds as she walks behind him. Fields are irrigated with water from wells carried in a leather bucket. Man makes a channel in the earth direct water. Women harvesting maize. A shepherd guards his sheep. Family mud brick house in a small village. Washing clothes by hand in a pond. Brahman bullocks are rested and fed after working in the fields all day. They are fed the stalks of maize. Indian boy narrator says they eat two meals a day. Grain ground on a stone mill. Men of the family wash at their well. Women making chapattis. Women prepare vegetables and rice for the meal. They serve the men first, men eat with their hands. Going to market by camel, camel loaded with grain, to Varanasi (Benares). Walking through the city, crowded market, grain market, unloading the camel, weighing the grain, loaded onto train,. The ghats, boats on the river, bathers, holy men, temples, statues, pilgrims, saddlers, barbers,. Man gets a shave in the street. Hindu temple, bell ringing, chanting. They buy some cotton cloth. Weaving by hand. Silk embroiderers, silk brocades, spinning and working a shuttle on a loom to weave cotton. Men ride the camel home. Women get cloth to make a sari, the little girl gets some candy. Mother at family shrine to Hindu god Ganesh, man smokes an Eastern style pipe. Indian rural life.

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