Film: 8046

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Cattle ranches and beef related production in Africa, 1950s.

World map showing continents. Zoom in on Africa and highlighted Northern & Southern Rhodesia (Zambia and Zimbabwe). Various views of grasslands.
Cattle ranch in Mazunga, Zimbabwe. Team of donkeys pulling a large metal A frame, led by local workers. A dirt road in the bush. Construction of brick ranch buildings. Cattle grazing in bush land. Local person hand pumping water from a well. A horse being used to pump water at another well. Dam building for watering of stock. Oxen being used to pull loads of earth. An engine driven water pump fills a water trough for cattle. Tractors and graders improving roads in the ranch and access. A car drives over a concrete river crossing and is then seen arriving at a large house. Cattle being dipped. Larger tractor being used in dam construction. A weir across a river. Cattle coming to drink from the dam. Tractor being used in agricultural field. Another field being ploughed by horse pulled means. Three women kneel on the ground threshing and grinding grain. Panning view of traditional thatched huts on the ranch. Ranch health clinic, a white nurse attends to local children outside the clinic building. Locals dancing, a boy drums. A women dances with an infant in her arms.
Cattle grazing and drinking. A large bull is held by a rope through a nose ring. More shots of cattle in the bush. Cattle in yards being checked by vet. Cattle going through dip. A white ranch manager inspects cattle in the bush. Cattle are herded through the grass lands and across a river to West Nicholson, Zimbabwe. Distant view of the large OXO factory. Cows are herded into a crush where they are weighed.
Hanging beef carcasses are inspected by a white coated health official. Cubes of meat in many small tins. White coated staff test OXO products. Scientist carries out laboratory tests. Local workers carrying crates on their heads. Men push a wagon laden with large tins of beef extract. Factory whistle blows and local workers rush out of the factory buildings. Local woman hanging washing on a clothes line. Young child is washed under an outside tap. Men playing soccer on a dusty field. Women in traditional dress and young children watch from the sidelines. A goal is scored and a young boy wearing a torn white jacket claps with a huge smile on his face.
The European OXO staff dressed in tennis whites stand outside a large villa style building. Mixed doubles tennis. Two people swimming in a pool. A kiddies pool. White men play golf in the dust and sand. A young local dressed in a loin cloth walks a white dog on a lead and stops beside an Scottish themed OXO billboard. A panning view of OXO products displayed on an outside table. OXO cubes, Splendo vegetable soup, Fray Bentos beef dripping tins, Splendo beans and tomatos, Splendo mango slices, Fray Bentos braised ox liver, OXO beef extract jars.
Aerial view of Dar-es-Salaam, Souther Rhodesia (now Tanzania). A plane lands. Lutheran church Dar-es-Salaam. Cars drive along the esplanade. Indian ocean. A couple on the beach. Two dogs frolic in the waves. Large OXO factory East Africa, near Dar-es-Salaam. TPL flag flying, Tanganyika Packers Ltd. Various views of the exterior of the factory.
View of Mt Kilimanjaro with wild game in the foreground. Zebras. Elephant with large tusks. Gazelle, lion, giraffe and ostrich. Mount Meru.
Arusha, East Africa (Tanzania). New Arusha Hotel exterior. Local livestock market. Masai traders. View of the Tanganyika Packers factory (OXO) from various angles. Water supply for the factory. Staff housing and gardens. Various shots of tropical flowering plants and trees.

Arusha Farm, East Africa, Tanzania. Farm run by a Swiss settler, suppling wild animals to zoos. A baby elephant is paraded in front of the camera. Tortoises in a pen. A baby rhino. Crane birds. Another rhino. Zebras and ostrich in the same pen, ostrich heads towards the camera. Women in colourful local dress sorting and grading grain grown on the farm.

Khartoum, Sudan. Flags flying. Statue of Lord Kitchener. Boats on the Blue Nile. Camels. Trucks and horses and carts at the banks of the Nile, filling up with water.
River boats on the Nile at Kosti, Sudan. Three men in a small boat with outboard motor travel through swamp like marshlands. Man shoots at birds with a rifle. Birds flying. Water lilies. Market in Kosti. OXO supply factory outside Kosti. Some buildings still under construction. Good trains departs from the sidings beside the factory.

Tower Bridge London, the bridge is up. An OXO factory. Stock cubes on a conveyor belt. Woman factory worker boxing up OXO products. Another woman in a grocery store buying OXO goods. Close up of a single OXO cube.

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