Film: 8048

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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From the source of the river Nile until its delta empties into the Mediterranean sea.

Abu Simbel, pyramids, feluccas sailing on the river Nile.

Lake Victoria. River rapids. A dam. Map showing the route of the River Nile from Lake Victoria to Uganda, Sudan and Egypt. Close in view of the map just showing Lake Victoria’s position and Uganda.

Ugandan agricultural workers pick coffee beans, sort cotton and pick tea on a plantation. Produce in baskets being loaded onto a truck. A tribal drummer.
Change of scene to a University in Uganda. Exterior of building. Students working in a science or chemistry laboratory. Teacher points to diagrams on wall whilst talking to three students. High level view over Kampala. Kampala traffic and streets. Government building. Ugandan children kneeling in prayer.

Aerial view of the River Nile. Map showing Republic of Sudan. Narrator describes the varying habitat of the country. Swampy land with elephants, crocodiles and hippos.

A large group of Sudanese tribal people stand on the river bank, village huts are in the background. Close ups of people from the Dinka tribe. Herding cattle. Man rows a dugout canoe. Men fishing with spears. Young children in white uniforms exit from a school building. The docks or port of Juba. People carrying heavy sacks. Loading and unloading of goods, a mini tractor crane. River Nile at Juba with a large paddle steamer, or stern wheeler vessel, viewed from the bank. The Sudd swamplands.

Khartoum streets, buildings and people. Muslim locals wearing white robes or head scarves in the souk or market. Presidential palace. A palace guard stands by the palace gate. A troop of guards march along the street, followed by a marching band. Canals and irrigation from the Nile. Dams across the Nile. Man on camel back rides alongside a canal. Flat agricultural lands. Cotton being harvested. Wide angle view of the white Nile, a bridge spans the river.

The Blue Nile where is joins the white Nile. Map showing the route of the Blue Nile as it enters Sudan from Ethiopia. Close up on map of Egypt, marking the route of the Nile.

Egyptian agriculture workers. Flat farming lands. Distant view of two pyramids. Men operating a water wheel pulled by an ox to irrigate fields. Women plant or fertilise infant cotton plants. Harvesting sugar cane by hand. Camel laden with sugar cane. Orchards with workers picking fruits and pigeon loft in the orchard. An Egyptian village. Mud housing and narrow streets. Women making bread. Workers harvesting crops of burseem clover. A camel is fed clover. A man turning a water wheel for irrigation. A huge dam spanning the River Nile. Construction works on the Aswan Dam. Diagram of the Aswan High Dam project. Electricity pylons and generators for hydro-electric power. A blast furnace. Molten steel pouring from a vat. A chemical factory. Textile mill making cloth. High level views over Cairo. Busy streets and traffic in the city. Architecture, a lion statue and buildings. People in Cairo, walking along the street and sitting outside at tables. Small groups of people in conversation with each other.

The Nile Delta and feluccas. Agricultural workers. Boats with large sails on the Nile. The lapping waters of the Mediterranean. Temples and pyramids. Abu Simbel. A boy digging with his hands. A water wheel being turned. A paddle ship on the Nile, as viewed from the river bank. Three men stand on the deck of the boat, filmed from on board the boat.

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