Film: 8049

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Scare tactics drugs information film

Interview. Subjects discuss their drug addiction. Overhead shot of dead body pulled out on a mortuary drawer. Man injecting heroin. Post-mortem on overdose victim. Dazed drug-users. People in close up. Close up injection, blood spills. Man talks of taking 'Pot' Marijuana. Couple talk of taking pills, smoking, taking LSD, fixing, becoming registered. Man talks of needing money, leads to crime, breaking into chemists etc. Talks of friend who shot too much and died. Dead body wrapped in white cloth pulled out onto mortuary trolley. Man talks about speed, barbiturates, 'got bad on barbs'. Mortuary-trolley with sheathed body ...... up in height. Stretcher with body on lifted onto Avery weighing scales. Man talks about lots of people who have died. 19 year old man died after twice taking barbiturates. Doctor talks and explains need for post mortems when drug addicts die. Need to identify specific drug which killed person. Mortuary technicians unwrap sheathed body. Man talks of death by cocaine. Talks of man who has no veins. Man unwraps syringe. Prepares injection by holding syringe between legs. Says he has big abscess on leg, half paralysed. Man talks about motivation to score. Man who has presumably just injected himself looks dazed and crawls back into bed. Post mortem doctor talks, explains need to get samples from organs, blood, urine, bile. Taking samples and putting them in bottle from cut up body on slab. Close up injection in man's leg. Man helps other take injection. wipe blood away on removing needle. Several injections in crowded room. Man talks about loss of values. Woman talks about trouble of injecting her mangled veins. Close up of body organs on slab. Doctor talks explaining puncture wounds on arm. Holds up 23-year old dead woman's arm (still attached!). Arm is shrunken. Larger shot of partially dismembered body. Man talks on cost of drugs £600 in two and a half months. Talks about stealing cash from friends. 'Bouncing queers (gay bashing) for money', prostitution. Woman talks about the same things, 'not a lot of time for sex'. Man talks about time it takes to drive to London for drugs, too much and you get 'blue lips, frothy mouth and you're dead'. Undertakers load coffin into hearse. Hearse starts up and drives off. Bearded man talks about seeing his sister grow up and getting addicted. Cannot save money if on drugs. Couple filmed through fence in country, walk down road. Reformed addicts. Talk-over says they can now have holidays. Reflection of people in work. People look over lake in Autumn. Couple hold hands.

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