Film: 8050

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A ranchero or Ranch Owner in Argentina, South America. He visits his Buenos Aires office before flying to his cattle ranch to meet with managers and inspect his property and business.

Buenos Aires port, the loading of ships with chilled meat carcasses.
Buenos Aires downtown, city skyscrapers.
A suited gentleman exits his front door at home and gets into a chauffeur driven Mercedes for the drive to his office in the city. View from driver’s POV as he drives through the busy city streets. The business man enters his office building and looks at a notice board before sitting at his desk in his large office. His secretary brings his coffee and the newspaper where he reads about meat prices. A male employee brings him paperwork, before he makes a phone call.

A radio aerial mast. A man talking on a radio set. Scene switches back to the boss in Buenos Aires at the other end of the line. Planes at the airport. Air traffic control tower and operators at work inside. Man boards a light aircraft and takes off. Aerial views over Buenos Aires city and port. View from inside the cockpit. Plane comes into land in a rural area and flies over ranch buildings before landing in a field. A Great Dane dog runs across the lawns of the ranch house. The small plane comes to stop and the disembarking man is met by the dog and the ranch manager. The men enter the large hacienda and go into a room where an open fire is burning. A suited butler serves drinks. View of the outside of the hacienda from the gardens.

A gaucho or South American cowboy saddles his horse. A woman pumps water and rakes the yard. The cowboy rides off. A horse drawn cart. A white church. The ranch owner and manager are on horseback inspecting the property. Inspection of corn field. Machine harvesting a grain crop. A windmill and dusty windblown field as a tractor drives past the men on their inspection. Birds circling in the field being ploughed. The gauchos in their tin huts, one turns a radio on. Meat is being spit roasted over an open fire. The men eat some food while ducks and chickens hover around. A 2CV car is parked in the background.

The two men on horseback continue their inspection. Beef cattle are rounded up and lassoed by a gaucho or cowboy. Gauchos on horseback. Cattle in a yard. A brand is heated up in an open fire and a cow branded under the chin. Other cattle are vaccinated in a crush, before swimming through disinfectant baths. Cattle are herded out of the yard.

In the ranch office, the owner and manager view a blackboard with a map of the ranch. The owner enters an office where two people are doing admin, one boy is sorting paperwork, another man is using an adding machine. Documents in a file. A young man is writing in a ledger. The ranch owner and manager visit a derelict, abandoned ranch. The buildings are run down. The local staff that have remained live in makeshift huts. Close up of an elderly woman’s very wrinkled face. Pot on an open fire. Man hand cranks the engine in an tatty little pick up. Restoration works on the main hacienda. Farm machinery arrives. Cattle are rounded up.

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