Film: 8051

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Ministry of Education Camping Course, Crowcombe students practise outdoor skills: pitching tent, sawing wood, cooking on an outdoor stove. Breakfast is served. The students pause to say grace before sitting at picnic tables. Students eat porridge at picnic table, washing dishes, collecting a pail of water. Tea towels are hung on a rope line. Cleaning oil lamps. Panning view from a distance of the whole camp site.

Students set off on a hill walk. They stop to mix up some plaster of paris and make a mould of an animal print. Walking through a forested area. The small group stop for a picnic packed lunch sitting on the ground. One man has a nap on his rucksack. Some students are foraging about in the shallow water of a stream. Walking continues in open countryside. They pick cotton grass. Panning view of the surrounding hills. Man with binoculars. The group are filmed from above as they walk uphill.

Group of students push a cart loaded with milk churns along a country lane and back to the campsite. They remove the urns from the cart by a pond. They water some potted plants and empty scraps into various rubbish bins. Thus churns are moved closer to the tents and unloaded from the cart. The empty cart is loaded with chopped wood which is moved and restacked in camp.

Dinner. Bowls are set down on an outdoor table and dinner is served. The whole group eat under cover at large tables. Four men enjoy a pint in what looks like a very dark pub.

Two men with a ladder climb up a stone wall. One man collects owl chicks from a nest. Two baby owls are examined. Someone writes on a poster by the light of an oil lamp. Various plant studies and and nature tests are carried out in the field. Nature table, drawings being done, notes taken, books checked. Photos taken of plants and mosses laid out on tables, each with signs against the samples.
Final panning view of the camp site.

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