Film: 8054

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A trip along Watling Street, England and Wales.
Reconstruction old cars versus horse and carts. Film about the Roman Watling Street, running from Dover, Kent to Holyhead Castle, Wales. Shots of the castle horse riders in Newcastle. Pub signs and weather vanes. Roman ruins. Soldiers play darts in Dover pub. Dover general views. Woman feeding chickens. Drinkers at The White Lion, Canterbury. Pool players. Canterbury, the town and cathedral general views. Wartime posters. Canterbury Cathedral interior and exterior. Archbishop. Temple of Canterbury. Hop pickers. Rochester, Kent. Unloading ships. London Wall. St. Paul's. St. Swithin's. Watling Street. London. Tower of London . Holborn. Marble Arch. St. Alban's. Farming scenes. Musket or Gun maker. Horse sale. Chester general views - very good gvs of Chester in Cheshire - streets, old buildings, people. Water mill, waterfalls.
Watling Street
A road sign reading ‘tenez a gauche’ – drive on the left in Dover. In Dover a notice instructing people of means by which they will be told if there is an air raid or a shelling raid on. Publican holds glass of dark ale up. Soldiers playing doubles only darts in a pub. Soldier throws darts quite near camera position. A flat cap wearing civilian picks up glass tankard of ale and starts to drink. A bus in central Dover. Exterior of a country pub. Historical reconstruction of Edwardian era - a couple of cars drawn up in front of pub. A horse drawn wagon pulls up. Car passes past person feeding chickens. People furtively watch from behind bushes. Man waves handkerchief and Edwardian policeman steps in front of car and stops it for speeding. A sign which the AA, Automobile Association would hang to show where a police trap was ahead.
Back in 1940, soldiers and civilians in pub. Sitting near fireplace. Man playing bar billiards as he smokes. Man lighting pipe. Portrait of Churchill. General view of Canterbury in Kent. A bus pulling round a corner near one of the old city gates. Shoppers. Ruins of Norman buildings. Stephenson era locomotive. A church tower with a form of scaffolding on it. Bomb damage. Workmen clearing up damaged buildings as life goes on the background. Damaged cathedral and a poster saying ‘Are you going to take this lying down’, with a picture of a rampant lion on it. Patriotism. Interior of Cathedral, with bell from HMS Canterbury. Exterior of cathedral with three soldiers looking sideways at camera position as they walk by. The Archbishop, Archbishop Temple in close up.
Montage of hop pickers working in Kent fields and stripping hops. Rochester Norman castle. Loading ship’s hold with sacks. Field of potatoes in neat rows. Road sign in London ‘London Wall’. Watling Street near St. Paul’s A pub sign ‘Ye Olde Watling’. Tower of London, Traitor’s Gate. Historical reconstruction of a Plantagenet lady sewing. She has a long hat. A Tudor lady with bonnet shaped. 1940’s footage of black and white London building. Marble Arch. Hyde Park, traffic including buses in foreground. Watling street in country – an old man with beard, a close up in a field. Roman artefacts found near the street.
Out in country and historical reconstruction from Edwardian era. Old man in pony and trap hits motorist with his whip.
Reconstruction of World War One soldiers marching to war in Britain. Reference to the contemptible little army.
St Albans – Roman ruins. A man in 1940 practising flint knapping. He wears a flat cap and long apron. Man trims large rock into smaller and then still smaller stones. He is making flints for muskets. Exterior of pub claiming to be oldest pub in England, the Jerusalem Inn. Boy polishing a harness. Traditional gypsy horse fair and selling of horses. Deals completed by slaps of hands. Faces of old characters. Family take a horse and cart along road. Man following behind leading another horse. Car in a rally or race stops at a road junction and official gives driver something. Children cycle on country road, boy on bike, girl on tricycle. Packhorse bridge across wide river. Bus. Traffic lights on bridge. This is Chester. Road sign for ‘Deva Terrace’ on front of house. Roman ruins and pillars in countryside. Good view of Chester from river. At foot of a bridge over a road, workmen dig a narrow trench. Reference to roman remains being found. Black Prince feathers crest or motif on bridge. People walking on town walls. Good general views of buildings and streets of Chester. Black and white buildings. Bridges. Working watermill. Date on a house of 1661. Deeside.
Lots of sheep on mountainside in Snowdonia. Anglesey, North Wales. Castle of Beaumaris. Local industry in North Wales - a man and a woman making up models of men and women from sea shells for the tourist trade. A box full of seashells. Man uses pliers to tighten wire inside arms of model. Close up of woman's hands as she paints a face on a model. Model of milkmaid with milk pails. Little boy happily playing with a drill used for drilling through shells. This is the world's smallest shell factory near Beaumaris. Telford Bridge. Graveyard.
Roman remains and Watling Street sign.

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