Film: 8055

Media | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Visual aids in learning. Young lorry drivers are distracted by sunbathing women. Using a blackboard for illustrative purposes. (Also drawing-pad and flip-chart). Magnetic board, overhead projector, slides.
Man talks about fork lift truck. The problem of overloading. Audience are bored and look at sunbathing girls. As presenter talks, woman sets up blackboard behind. Hearing gives us 15% of information received, sight 75%. Lecturer knows. Forklift truck on blackboard. Man's back in way of blackboard. He stands in correct position. Turn to face audience. Draw bigger. Woman lecturer does not grab attention of audience. Girl interested in doodling man. They make eyes at each other. Visual aids, drawing pad and flip chart. Make your own flip board.
1) Use strong colours. Words yellow, brown, scarlet written in their own colours on flip board. 2) Make lettering big. 3) Get spacing right, prepare this before hand. Scribble key points on back of flip board.
The whiteboard; sometimes these are magnetic. Use of magnetic white board by man talking about fork lift truck. The truck tips over. Best visual aid is the real thing. Models can be useful. Metal cogs turning. Different models.
The overhead projector, allows opposite pictures to be built up. Grease proof paper useful.
The wrong way to use the overhead projector. The table not set up correctly, and the speaker standing in front of the image. Changing transparencies without turning machine off. Overlays. correct approach, use a pointer, correct screen angle for projector. Turn off projector when subject has moved on. Scribble on overhead projector image. Woman introducer talks and moves to side to let male presenter. Magnet and iron filings, on overhead projector.
Slide projection, round one with large cartridge. Second slide projection, slides upside down. Landing slides. Kodak carousel projector. Visibility at back of room poor, move projector.
Visual aids are aids.
Resume. Bored people look at finger nails and watch strap.
Resume. Use the right visual aids. Prepare it. Rehearse it. "Don't just tell'em, show them".

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