Film: 8059

Media | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Promotional film for Kodak about a remarkable new camera which had many of the attributes of the soon to be invented video camera. It was compact, easy to use and had its own flashlight attachment. Use of excellent montages of old silent clips.

A man and woman seem to be out on a ramble-type walk but when the camera pans back it reveals they are walking on a treadmill moving footway and so although toiling with heavy rucksacks and suitcases, they are getting nowhere.
A comic introduction then follows with silent film clips from the 1900s of - female cyclists, girls wearing 1900’s era dresses playing in what appears to be a hay stack, women jumping over fences, firemen parade, US cavalry charge on horseback complete with bugler, horse drawn US western wagons at gallop speed, steam trains travelling fast, early motor cars racing, a sped up comedy showing the passengers of an open top car reaching up and holding on to a rope above the vehicle's path. They end up dangling from the rope, before the car reverses and collects them. The vehicle continues on its perilous route nearly knocking over a person, before being squashed by two trams. The car continues in its new skinny form as a dog barks at it. A man attempts to board a train from a car driving parallel to the train however while his body is forming a bridge between both train and car the driver decides to make an exit to avoid an oncoming train. A man standing on a ledge tries to place a large wooden box on a passing cart beneath him, the cart passes before he does and the man falls to the ground, smashing the wooden crate underneath him.
Couple from earlier still walking on treadmill looking exhausted. Calm mountain landscapes with reflections in lakes.

More clips mainly indicating stressful situations and including – A man sees beer sign and removes the glass of beer from a crevice in the sign and drinks it; High kicking dancing couple; Cowboy saloon brawl. An old bedraggled looking woman signals a “slitting of the throat” to the camera; man fires an early automatic weapon on wheels; people running madly around a store; a row of high powered canons; a person is comically jettisoned from a moving steam train; horse drawn carriage pulls up at a stately manor where all the staff are lined up and waving to the people who get off the carriage; a man and woman are in a room which is quickly flooded; water gushes in from the roof of large mansion drenching a man in the hallway. Surfers riding a big wave.
Illustration of the toil in using an old-fashioned film camera with comic clips showing heavy and bulky equipment with tripods, lots of dials etc; person riding on the wing of a biplane; man holds a pistol to his head and film studio cameras in use. Couple on the treadmill walk looking tired. Movie making with technical equipment. A woman in her nightgown holds a gun to her head in melodramatic style.
Stills of the Kodak Eastman instamatic movie system with a woman holding the camera. “So easy to use”.

1960s husband and wife sit on the sofa and husband shows wife the new instamatic movie camera he bought. She is angry and refuses to get involved in all this complicated equipment again. He tries to tell her how easy it is to use. She refuses, so he puts it in her hand and demands she loads the film. He hands her the Super 8 cartridge as she plays the role of a dim woman. She loads the camera and then queries how to set the speed. The husband explains there’s no need and shows a close up of the film in the camera. Close up of M4 KAII on the side of the camera, the little window that shows the film speed. The man starts making home movies. The wife miraculously appears in ski wear and beach wear as they film themselves against backdrops. “Back in the living room” the husband fits a flash or movie light to the camera for filming indoors. The wife takes the camera and films the baby sitting in a play pen. The woman dons a large pair of sunglasses as she talks to her husband about “how easy the camera is to use”. She now wears a beret and smokes a cigarette in a long holder. The husband hands his wife an Oscar award. The message is this camera is so easy to use, (no need to rewind, can be used indoors) even an ordinary housewife could use it. The wife pulls off her glasses and beret and exclaims how the projecting is the one thing that drives her crazy. Kodak Instamatic M70 projector. A hand winds on the film to the projector, which catches the film and starts to wind it onto the reel. Husband and wife on the sofa with the equipment in front of them. Wife turns it on.

What follows is a montage of “home” filmed events and activities interspersed with comments from the couple viewing the film on their Kodak equipment.
Film of man waterskiing, filmed from inside the boat. Skier waves at the camera. Two people snow skiing through a wooded trail. Spring flowers in close up. The couple sitting on their sofa commenting on the home movie they are watching. Child feeds a foal being held up an adult. Yellowstone? Geyser. Kittens in a basket. Couple seated two up on a scooter which in turn sits on a treadmill on its centre stand. They rock back and forth so when filmed from the waist up it appears they are moving.

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