Film: 8062

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Heroes of the Soviet Union type of film. Situated in the town of Bratsk, in Eastern Siberia, U.S.S.R.

Mother opens curtains to let sunlight into room/ She shakes man awake. Four year old daughter prepares to get dressed. Man does exercises with dumb bells whilst record player plays. The mother, Nina, puts a bowl of butter on the kitchen table. Daughter, Anya, sits at table. Sasha and Nina are engineers at a power station. Mother pours tea for Anya. Nina dresses Anya in warm clothes. Sasha closes door. Nina and anya walk hand in hand across open ground. Nina adjusts Anya's stockings. Tracking shot along Bratsk buildings. Nina on a bus. Old Bratsk. Bus driver. Old Bratsk about to be turned into summer cottages. Point of view of lorry pulling away. Over picture of power lines and pylon lying on floor we hear 'Bratsk is an exciting place. The scenery is changing all the time. New power lines are going up, and down by the river where all those lorries are coming from, a big chemical plant is being built' - Excellent soundtrack!

Inside bus. The Bratsk hydro-electric power station. Men and woman walk to work in the hep plant. Impressive Soviet murals on wall. Man uses oxy-acetalene welder as people walk by. The plant working but still under construction. Cranes on the top of the dam. River draining out of plant. Map of Siberia. Bratsk is on the River Angara which drains out of Lake Baikal. The river. Siberian brown bear runs away from the camera into the woods. People riding in open topped lorries. One man carries small guitar. Original settlers of bratsk. They live in huts and canvas covered tent like buildings. Man warms his hands at a stove. Other man feeds stove. Line of trucks passing along road by side of the River Angara. Tipper lorries dumping large boulders into river to temporarily divert its course. Earth moving equipment. Bulldozers. Felling trees. House construction. Man uses saws and axes to cut wood on building site. The 'Bratsk Sea' is the largest artificial lake in the world - 400 miles by 20 miles. The dam. The population has risen from 17,000 in 1950 to 340, in 1965. Babies in cots in maternity hospital. Mask wearing nurse lifts baby from cot. Five crying babies are laid on a trolley and wheeled away.

Construction site in Bratsk. We see 'Bratsk 8' under construction. Five-storey apartment blocks in Bratsk 9. Man pushing pram in park. Families. The town has the highest birth rate in the Russian Republic. Couple with the mother holding their child. The outside of a kindergarten. In the kindergarten a teacher plays the piano as children march about. Anya exercising. Outside school. Inside of departmental store. Woman considers buying a handbag. Many people wearing hats and headscarves. Female shop assistant wears headscarf and adjusts a television set. Woman looks at record from a record sleeve. Bratsk TV station. Television aerial at the TV station. Inside a library. Man selects a book from shelf. Woman librarian lends books out. The fire station with fire engines leaving. Town halls. Club houses. Audience sitting. A ballet dancer on the stage. Choir practice with an accordion player. An amateur jazz band. Traditional folk dancing troupe practice indoors. Nina is a loudspeaker announcer in the h.e.p. plant. Man checks gauges. Nina checks gauges and boosts voltage. Gauges rise. Electricity sub-station. Workers at the sub station. Man looks at paperwork. Nina hands paper to male colleague. Russians in works canteen. All women except Nina wear headscarves. Nina drinks soup. Children cycling. Children playing on motorbike. Nina walks home through children and past apartment blocks. Children looking at press photographs of possible Soviet heroes or possible film stars. Nina tells us that to go to the shops she has to cross the wide courtyard, but we see her climbing an embankment of earth. Climbing steps into shop. Buying jars of food. Paying for food with tokens which have just been bought from the cashier. Nina visits the bakery which is self-service and she buys a cake. Nina refers to committee work. At the kindergarten, parents including sasha dress the children. Nina cooking in a frying pan. Sasha and Anya enter. Sasha kisses Nina on the cheek. He takes his coat and scarf off. Sasha puts some music on, and packs up his books. Sasha wearing his vest washes his hands. Nina lays the table and serves food.
Close up of Nina putting on lipstick in a mirror. Nina and Sasha going to the club for a dance. They hand their coats in to an unsmiling attendant. They dance on a crowded dancefloor. They raise handleless cups (of vodka?) to their lips.

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