Film: 8075

Music | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A sample of musicians from the southern cone in South America.

First musician: Jaime Torres. Plays a small guitar dressed in a tuxedo suit. No singing. Pottery and textile bands on the floor. White background with a wall divider with white and black vertical stripes behind him. Glossy hair-do and gel.

Second musician: Indio Tarquino. Plays small flute dressed in traditional costume. Textile belts hanging from the ceiling. Plays longer flute. Plays smaller flute made up of many flutes. Dance moves in a small space. Has other musical instruments like guitars and flutes hanging from his poncho.

Third musician, no name. Black trousers, white shirt and poncho plays a small guitar. Lots of white tassels with little bells at the end on the poncho and on the hat.

Fourth musician: Los Mocheros de Anta. Singing group of five men. Group of musicians singing against a backdrop of the ocean, with the large trees around them. Musicians dressed in smocking, two with guitars. All singing. Musicians walk along a path in what seems to be a park.

Fifth musician: Maria Helena. Sings, dressed in a white blouse and shirt, against a back drop of the plains and the trees. In her 20's. Horses and ponies in the background. Horseman in the background.

The Mocheros de Anta in an hacienda setting. Are serenading in front a second d floor window.

White flowers and Maria Helena picking flowers. Hands flowers to a person who takes them from her. Sings a serenade. Maria Helena pushes a wheel barrow with flowers. Carries flowers on a basket, puts straw hat on. Wearing white trousers and a shirt.

Sixth musician Raul Barbosa and his Trio. River, with a small motor boat on it. Small houses and sailing ships on the borders of the river. Inside boat. Anchor.

Man pursuing a woman. In their 20's. Ducks.

Boat carries fresh fruit and vegetables: watermelons, pumpkins. Three men on the boat playing music. One playing the accordion and two playing the guitar.

Man on a boat eating a water melon. Men wear scarves around their neck.

Boat continues to sail down the river. Boat closer to the bridge where the earlier woman is standing. Three musicians are off the boat and are standing on ground playing music. Two are seated on a wooden picnic table and one is sitting on the bench. Man and woman from the earlier scene are dancing to the music of the trio. Woman wears flat shoes. Voluminous skirt with layers. Man wears a wide textile belt around his waist as a type of cumber band. Man twirls the woman.

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