Film: 8076

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The Arab Kingdom of Jordan in the 1970's.

Opening shot of town in Amman, then of the vegetable market. General views of stalls, traders and buyers. Close-up of fruit and vegetables. Only 10% of land in Jordan is arable - most is desert. Shots of rocky desert barren hills. Jordan Valley is seen - below sea level. Growth depends on rainfall which varies from year to year. Scenes in Annam: Ministry of Agriculture, shots of research laboratory. How to improve yield of crops in poor soil. We see wells being sunk to bring water from lower strata. Dam stores water and then sent by 'drip-feed' system to crops. More shots of barren soil and then of nursery where young fruit trees are started. Olive trees are placed on hillside. They help to prevent erosion and they produce olives and oil. Shots of terracing on hillside - prevents erosion. Aerial views of more plantations. Experimental flock of sheep seen - scientists weight check sheep. Detailed shots of tractor, house, hens feeding. Meeting of farmers at rural co-operative and buying and selling in bulk. New crops (e.g. Tobacco) are introduced. Scene at a cattle coop. Mechanical machinery is shown - tractors, ploughing and sowing seed. Scene at university farm - faculty of agriculture. Students are seen in library and at work with plants. Cattle and poultry are seen. Shots of egg-packing station. Now women play a part as biologists as well as in packing fruit. Scenes of young woman examining a tree and then of workers in the field, picking fruit. Agricultural Credit Card (1960's) finances development. Shots of fruit being processed and canned. Textbooks for farmers are now being printed in Jordan - shots of presses at work. 'Extension workers' visit farmers to give advice. Farmers are seen listening to radio programme about agriculture. Scene in the Co-operative Bank - farmers discuss loans. Panorama of countryside - farm, plantations and houses. Close-up of fruit picking. Close-up of grapes and flowers. More aerial shots of land. Urban sprawl is becoming a problem - shots of new building, final shot of sunset.

Clear description of important agriculture in Jordan, made possible by irrigation.

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