Film: 8078

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Cameroon, Africa. Cameroun.
Along the sea shore, thatched huts, jungle, woman collects and cuts cane, men dig and hand irrigate land, others mix earth and water by feet, moulds used to produce bricks, large canes brought out of the jungle for house construction, foundations dug, reeds are plaited to make large mats, mats form basis of roof, canes bent to form curved roof supports, supports bound with reeds, roof is thatched with straw, musicians play on wooden keyboard, wonderful wood carvings of figures, tribal costumes covering total head and body, river people gather to fish, men carry nets into river, surrounding fish and lift nets, bowls float on surface for catch, children collect water, women with tattooes and facial jewellery, construction of mud built houses, people on the beach, village of thatched huts, terraced steps, warriors dance and play flutes, collecting water from the well in large terracotta pots, woman uses wheel to form hand built pots, metal working, using hand sack, type bellows, house building with mud 'sausages', woman wash child, more thatching, men dance and sing.

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