Film: 8079

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


French Equatorial Africa. Aerial view of Equatorial forest.

African tribesmen follow a European man through the forest, carrying his belongings. Tribes people at a clearing. Traditional hunting, with spears and nets. Ogooue River: Wide-angle and aerial shots. Bantu settlement: tribes people outside grass huts. Mother ties headdress round her child. Banana-picking, pan-up of tall tree, tribesmen chopping its base with axes, tree falling. The wood is transported to river, where log booms are assembled. Pulp factory. Steamships at Brazzaville, river rapids, hydroelectric dam, aerial view of Brazzaville, street scenes: cars, shops etc. Car running on railway tracks, steam train. Africans crowd train station at Pointe Noire, carrying baggage on their heads. Freighters docked at Pointe Noire, cranes used to load/unload goods. African farmers utilise tractors. Picking and sorting peanuts. Savane Desert, termites close up, native birds in flight, ostrich running, baboons, gazelles, giraffes close up, cheetah, lion. Chari fishermen with enormous hand-held nets. Women fishing with woven baskets. Cotton picking and processing, roads, Land Rover in motion, lorry crossing river bridge. The Steppes: wheat threshing. Tribeswomen with pestle and mortar grind grain in front of their huts, children and men move around the vilage behind them, they are topless and wear rpinted skirts.Women pressing out a dough in the village. children eating dough, traditional dancing. Cattle, milking cow. Albert Schweitzer hospital, child with smallpox, medical exams, distribution of quinine tablets, infant clinic. Hospital interior. African doctors perform operation. One-room schools, lessons and outdoor games. Apprenticeship college. Pointe Noire school bus. Chemistry laboratory. Children crowding into school.

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