Film: 8080

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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General overview of Madagascar life, industry and agriculture. Film is interspersed with maps indicating the different regions of the country.
Air France Viscount arriving in Madagascar, Africa, passengers disembarking. Air France aircraft lands on runway, while workers are painting and sweeping at the edge of the runway.
Agricultural workers in the fields. Man digs up roots – yams or cassava. A rural village. Covered wagon pulled by oxen. Mother with baby. Village street. Woman doing laundry beside a lake. Cereal crop being harvested and threshed. Grain collected in a large wagon.
razing cattle are herded to a large building. Abattoir interior, beef carcasses hanging. Meat inspection. Brief clip of a man using some sort of press - tins pass through one by one
Aerial views over the capital of Antananarivo . Busy market place selling vegetables. Traditional architecture, housing. Large building, looks like Post Office or Telecommunications headquarters. View down to wide city streets.
Villagers with baskets on their heads, women with pestle and mortar. General scenes of lifestyle in a small village. Inside a hut people prepare tapioca.
Northern Madagascar
Herding cattle through wet fields. Planting rice. Aerial view of plantation. Picking sugar cane by hand. Aerial view of a building, possibly a prison. Harvesting raffia palms. Two men cut the stalks into strips in a village. View along the street of a simple village. Woman making a clay pot. Children beside a small stream at the edge of the village. Men push long canoes into the water. Women in traditional Arab dress watch and tap sticks. Sailing boats anchored by the coast.
South West region shown on map. Aerial view over barren landscape. Baobab tree. Palms. Harvesting agave or sisal plants. Agave is processed in a factory, the plant is crushed and fibrous matter dried, before being spun into thread.
East Coast Madagascar. Aerial view over heavily vegetated landscape with hills. A lake. Rain clouds billowing in the distance.
Coffee plantation. Beans being picked by hand. Vanilla pods being picked.
Aerial view of the wet lands of the east coast. The canal of Pangalanes canal. A boat on the canal with its bow near the shore. Man turning large irrigation wheel to let water into or out of the canal. Irrigation of fields and people in fields. Rice crops. Silhouettes under parasol as canoe passes by. Aerial view of the coastline.

Education in Madagascar. Secondary school or college with exterior of buildings. A classroom full of adolescent boys. Teacher has one student at the front pointing to a map. An elementary school with younger primary aged children outside playing. A large classroom full of children at desks. One boy reads words on a blackboard as the teacher stands by. College with older boys doing apprentices, mechanics and engineering, practical hands on learning. Aerial view of a school. Boys in a relay race on the sports track with spectators watching from the stands.
Parliament, politics. A large boardroom with men in a meeting.
Workers at a construction site, digging with shovels. Hydro-electric dam being built.
Man ploughing a field. Truck heads along dirt road towards the camera, followed by a swarm of locusts. Locusts in flight and all over the ground. Aeroplane spraying crops. Men push a portable spraying machine through a plantation, spraying pesticides.

Mining. Maps indicate locations of mines.
A Graphite quarry. An underground mine where workers drill out large crystalline rocks for mica production. Person slicing the crystal with a knife and women sorting the fine sheets of mica or filaments. A large Quartz sculpture outside a building. A table shows minerals mined in Madagascar. Woman with a bucket on her head walks past a sign that says “Amboanemba”. Man stands in a stream with a metal detector. Possibly gold panning. View of bridges across rivers. Countryside viewed from a moving vehicle.
Port at Tamatave (Toamasina), ships being loaded by cranes. Fort Dauphin. Aerial view over city and a ship at sea.
Map showing key cities and connections between the cities.
Airport, workers loading cargo onto an Air France cargo plane, including a car. Aeroplane taking off. Aerial view of Madagascar, including the capital Antananarivo.

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