Film: 8081

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Dakar,Senegal, West Africa.
Senegal - General views of Dakar showing it as a modern city. Aerial view of beach, and a village of huts. Boats drawn up on beach. Architecture. Senegalese in costume. Island of Goree as it is approached by boat and an aerial view. People on the beach in traditional Senegalese dress. The Fort and canons. A man shows a painting of Isle Goree in 1843. Colonial style buildings with a view across the water to Dakar. People on a small pier. Busy Dakar market. Women carrying bowls on their heads and baby on back. Buying fish, vegetables. Close up of old postcards, and their modern equivalents. Harbour area. Docks, unloading ships by crane (and loading). Fork-lift trucks. Map showing Dakar's location in Africa. Airplane at airport with PAA logo on side, passengers disembark. A plane (early Pan-Am?) Airline pilot takes off . Lot at memorial to George Washington?) French colonial soldier in bright red uniform outside the French embassy. Cars and street scenes. Buses, traffic cop. Baobab tree.

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