Film: 8082

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The industry of the French colony of French Guinee, Guinea, Africa.
A family outside their straw hut, then washing in a stream. Cattle.
Map of Guinea showing Conakry and neighbouring nations.
Palm trees and beaches. A fast flowing river. A diagram of the river and its elevation drop. Diagram shows location of a dam and a route through the mountains, where connection is made to power lines.
Building a dam.
People wade across a wide shallow river with a cart. A construction site. African workers are building a tunnel. A rail cart is pushed into the tunnel entrance by two men. View of the river and a waterfall. Further construction of a dam. View of the surrounding countryside, a village of thatch huts is in the middle distance. A modern brick building and panning view to the dam towers, which are now taking shape. Closer views of the construction. Rubble being moved in rail carts. A digger. Men shovelling rubble into a dump truck. View of the completed dam with water flowing through. Views of the dam buildings inside and outside and connection to electrical grid. Row of power lines.
Another map of the country. Empty industrial buildings. A crane. Driver’s POV as vehicle travels along a coastal dirt road. Various views of a large factory or processing plant not in operation. Storage tanks. Pipeline in the ground. Electric connections to the plant. View from the sea to a ship in port.
Construction site, worker operates a digging machine. A dump truck filled with earth drives along a dirt road and unloads its contents into a hole, where other workers are waiting. At a processing plant, ore moves along a covered conveyor belt, possibly Bauxite processing? Various views of the plant buildings connected by a huge revolving pipeline. The covered conveyor belts extend along a long pier out to sea, where workers oversee a ship being loaded with the processed material, possibly Alumina?
Map of Guinea, highlighting Conakry. Diagram possibly of the docks. Another diagram showing the sea depth and some construction partially under water?
Coastal construction site where huge concrete structures are being made. See film 8083 for continuation of this film.

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