Film: 8084

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Libreville, Gabon,

Africa. Ships funnel smoking, plane flying off. Seaplane. Palm trees, beach, Central Hotel, old car, market. Woman smoking pipe. Ships launch (little boat). Forest, white in pith helmet with blacks. Men chopping giant tree whilst supported on platform. Trees falling. Two men use saw on cut tree. Metal rope attached and trunck towed along by stream power. Using machetes. Caterpillar truck. Rolling logs over the ground. Making small railway. At sawmill men holding long as it is cut. Craning logs. Machinery, lifting cut wood. Making railway sleepers. Flooded forest-swamp. Water lily. Large logs on train . Craning logs. Lashing logs together. Swimming. Lots of logs aground, punting them. Naked African men ride the blocks. At sea, little sail boats. Colonial officer all in white at big building with pith helmet. Loading logs over side of ship. Unloading the ship. Horse and cart. French port and port workers. Finely cutting wood. Rolling thin wood or veneer?. The ex colony of France.

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