Film: 8086

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Petrol production, petrol station forecourts and driving in the 1950's. Esso petrol research
Car engine production line and workers. Diagrams of fuel tank operation. Close up of nozzle filling up a car and the Petrol pum glass with petrol going through it.

An open top car with a man and woman in it. The man indicates with his arm to overtake another vehicle. Open top car driving along lane with trees.

Animated diagram of fuel line.

Exterior of Abingdon Research Centre for Esso. View of entrance exterior then interior reception hall with men in white coats walking through. Scientists at work in the laboratory. A sign ' Danger unauthroised persons not admitted - radioactivity'. A woman librarian puts books on shelves in a library. Pan across shelf with titles for Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. Men seated in library doing research. Laboratory work going on. A weston Knockmeter and stopwatch being used. Vapour lock tests. A man sits in a car on a testing platform. Close up of wheel spinning. More laboratory tests with different blends of fuel.

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