Film: 8088

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Package holiday film to Corsica.

Woman in an orange dress is pushing down the contents in a trunk style suitcase. She pauses to adjust her hair before selecting more clothes from a chest of drawers. On the table is her Horizon Holidays brochure which she picks up and packs into the case. Close up of her closing the suitcase lid.
Plane in the sky. Inside the aircraft the lady is seen looking out of window. Aerial view from plane looking down over patchwork fields. View of the propeller and clouds from inside the plane. Man in silhouette eats and drinks onboard. View of a tray of partially eaten airplane food. Lady in an orange dress is viewed smoking in her seat. Clouds. Lady looking out airplane window. Aerial view over a bay as plane comes into land at Calvi in Corsica. View of aircraft landing on a dirt runway, filmed from the ground. Holiday rep waiting for passengers. View of plane parked up. Passengers disembark. Luggage cart laden with bags. Passengers proceed through a small airport and board a bus. Horizon Holidays sign in rear window. Blue and white bus drives away from airport on a dirt road.
A window in silhouette with person gazing out to bright blue sea. View of a lighthouse in the distance, cacti and sea in the foreground. Woman hurries down some stone steps in her swimsuit and carrying a towel. She climbs over some boulders to the sea. Swirling water, she dips her toe in. Close up her face. She puts a white swimming cap on and gingerly makes her way into the water. She swims. View from the water back to the holiday chalets on the hillside. Man rings a bell. People walk up the hillside to the hotel’s dining area. The lady who was swimming has changed into a pretty summery dress and runs up the hill. View of a group of people walking past a large window and entering the room. Our lady in the summery dress is behind everyone else and stops to adjust the straps on her frock. She skips through the door. Sunset.
A discrete view of woman showering in her chalet. Guests eat breakfast, woman stirs sugar lumps in her coffee. She chats to fellow guests on hotel balcony. The lady looks closely at a giant cactus plant and squeezes the fruit on the plant pricking her finger with a thorn. She walks along a coastal path passing a couple sitting on rocks. Her walk is viewed from various angles until she passes the Nord Sud hotel. Narrow streets in Calvi town, children ran past the camera. A waiter carries a tray of drinks before donning a long white barbers coat and dashing across the street to the Coiffeurs Messieurs. Close up for the sign of the men’s hairdressers. Our lady in silhouette walks down a narrow lane to the seafront. View of buildings overlooking the sea, their rustic balconies and washing hanging to dry. People wait at the harbour for the fishermen returning in their small boats. Hairy man in a white singlet eats a burger or sandwich. Fishermen pull their boats up. Woman gazes into the water. Fisherman display his catch lifting up a large lobster. The woman gasps. Fishermen tend to their nets. Children fish from the harbour and sail past in boats. Lady talks to an old man dressed in black. Yachts moored at seafront. Woman talks to a younger man dressed in black. View of rowing boat bobbing in the harbour.
Lady removes her dress on the beach, she is wearing her swimsuit underneath. View of other beach bathers, sunbathing, reading a book. Young boy plays with two dogs at the water’s edge. Woman in bikini walks out of the sea. Young children talking on the beach. Older boys drinking bottles of soda. A dog lazes in the shade cast by an umbrella on the beach. Our lady lies on the beach until a young man filming with a camera trips over her. Close ups of the man and lady talking.

Young couple walk into Nord Sud hotel. They are seated at an outside table overlooking the sea. Lady now in a black and white polka dot dress, man wears shorts and a loose shirt. Waitress in a white apron hands over menus. View of other diners in the sunshine. Couple pick up their napkins, waitress uncorks a bottle at the table. Platters of salad are served and the couple eat. Sign Golf Tavern. Golf Tavern menu attached to a palm tree. People sit outside at the café, man in suit and tie talks to customers. Waiter spins an empty drinks tray on his finger. Close up of our lady talking. Other young couple dance in a rock and roll style outside the café. Close up of feet as people dance. Person plays a guitar on an upstairs bar balcony. The lady is joined by the man she had lunch with and they stroll along the street, looking up to the guitar player. The man removes the sombrero style straw hat he has turned up with. Closer view of guitar player. View from balcony down to couple in the road looking up. More footage of now two guitar players playing.
Lady visits the 13th Century Genoese Citadel in Calvi. Silhouette view of her walking up a hill and then through a shaded archway into a sunlit courtyard. Men in army uniform are leaning against the wall and gawp at her as she walks past. View of the high walls of the citadel. Couple on a pedalo viewing Calvi from the harbour. They point and gaze at points of interest. Pedalo gets stuck between two small rowing boats. The man jumps into the water in his shorts and T-shirt to release them, they both laugh. Man clambers back on board the pedalo and the couple continue to laugh.
Woman leaves her holiday chalet and closes the door. View of mountains and coastline. The woman meets a local Corsican fisherman in the harbour and they go out fishing. He casts his nets overboard and before long catches a flying fish. Close ups of woman’s face as she gazes out to see or waves at other boats. She catches a fish. She removes her jacket. Woman signals to another boat with her hands, the size of the fish she caught.
Lots of Display Boards for excursions. View of rugged coastline. A man points out to sea directing a woman’s gaze down to the bay. Statue of Napoleon. Car stopped on the road, woman stands by open door as the taxi driver gives her something to smell. Woman pulls a face and driver smiles. The woman tourist stops and meets locals on her tour of the island, including a stop to pat a donkey. View over the bay at Porto. Woman sits on a rock gazing out to sea. Panning view of rugged and arid mountains. Woman walks through the wrought iron gates of a chapel, white statue of Christ in background. Kids smiling. Woman enjoys a donkey ride in a small village.
Farewell wave from Holiday rep. The Horizon Holidays bus drives off. View overlooking Calvi Corsica. Airplane on the dirt “tarmac” at the airport. Passengers board aircraft. Plane takes off as viewed from the ground. Plane in the sky getting smaller and smaller.

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