Film: 8089

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


About the economic growth and development of Malaysia, focusing on increased integration of its three separate cultures, but stressing the need for greater racial integration and way that bigger industrial investment will assist this process.

Traditional Malay shadow play contrasted with posters for Hollywood and Asian films, neon signs in the three different languages, poor families at home interact with shots of more modern, westernised Chinese house interiors, and young Chinese by the pool listening to western music. Ox driving plough, fisherman sorting catch. Different religious and commercial activities of Chinese, Tamil Indians and Malay peoples - including Chinese tin-mining and stock exchange dealing, Tamil rubber plantations, changes to traditional rural life of Malaysian stressed with shots of hydro-electric power station and demonstrations of new farming equipment. Commentary stresses need for Malaysians (the largest ethnic group) to grab new national economic opportunities. Different-race schools shown in process of adapting to standardised syllabus and common national language (also seen learning English colloquialisms). Racial integration and co-operation in industrial factory. Malayan Airways plane flying to less developed states, first Malaysian Prime Minister Abdul-Raman and Independence Day celebrations.

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